Lorenzo Villanueva

Nationality Philippines Philippines
Nickname Thunder Volt

Lorenzo Villanueva is a Filipino southpaw known for his powerful punches which earned him the moniker ‘Thunderbolt.’ Ensoy, as he is known locally, was born in Bual Norte in Misdayap, Philippines and was orphaned at a young age. He is expected to become one of the best prospects in the featherweight division in the country. Villanueva made his professional debut on January 2007 and currently holds the WBO Orient title. He has fought and beaten the likes of Jun Pada, Balweg Bangoyan and Ruben Santillanosa.

Bangoyan was an easy contender for Villanueva. The two fought in March 2010, with Bangoyan going after Villanueva’s WBC world title. Bangoyan seemed to be out of shape, coming in overweight at four and a half pounds. However, he managed to get a few punches in before he fell to Villanueva’s powerful successive punches.

His sole no decision match was against Eric Macias. The initial ruling was against Villanueva, based on the cut thought be from a head but for which Macias was proclaimed the winner. Viewing of the match footage revealed that the injury was caused by a punch, which resulted to the decision declared a no decision.

Villanueva belongs to the Braveheart Boxing Club in North Cotabato, run by former governor Many Pinol, who has personally worked with Villanueva in his training since he was young. Pinol now works with ALA Promotions to promote Villanueva. All in all, Villanueva has fought in a total of 20 fights, with 19 wins and one no decision.

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