Canelo Alvarez

Born Jul 18, 1990
Nationality Mexico Mexico
Nickname Canelo

Canelo Alvarez or Santos Saul Barragan Alvarez is a Mexican professional boxer who had won several world titles in four weight divisions. He won titles from the light-middleweight to light heavyweight divisions. At present, he holds the world championship title in the unified super middleweight division. These unified titles include Ring Magazine, WBC, and WBA.

The multi-awarded boxer has gained popularity for his superb counter-punching skills. This skill allows him to exploit his opponents’ opening guards while at the same time avoiding punches with body and head movement. In addition, Alvarez is also a popular body puncher and had been ranked as one of the world’s best active pound-for-pound and super middleweight boxers by Boxing Writers Association of America, The Ring, BoxRec, and ESPN.

The 30-year-old red-haired boxer stands 5 feet and 9 inches and comes with a 70.5-inch reach. He fights using the Orthodox Stance and experienced competing in the welterweight, light middleweight, and middleweight divisions as well as the super middleweight and light heavyweight divisions.

In terms of family, Alvarez is the youngest of eight children. He has six brothers and one sister. His family was originally from Los Reyes in Michoacan but later moved to Jalisco on their family farm. Alvarez grew up enjoying horseback riding, which he still does at present. All his brothers are professional boxers including Rogioberto Alvarez who was the former WBA world champion. He is also married to Fernanda Gomez and has one son and three daughters from different mothers.

The skillful Alvarez debuted his amateur career in boxing at a young age of 13. This was under the influence of his older brother, Rigoberto. He won several awards including the Junior Mexican National Championship silver medal and the Junior Mexican National Boxing Champion title in 2005. After two years and at age 15, he started his professional career.

Alvarez started his professional career as a boxer with several successive wins. It was in his 15th fight against Ricardo Cano wherein he won his first welterweight title. Overall, he competed in 59 fights, 56 of which are all victories.

Boxing Record

  • Total Fights: 59
  • Wins: 56
  • Wins by Knockout: 38
  • Wins by Decision: 18
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 2

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