As the clock ticks, we move closer to the war between Marquez and Bradley on Oct 12 at The Thomas & Mack Centre in Las Vegas. Assuredly, there must be some small battles before the war. Whether the battles be psychological or actual disputes is up for debate. Per, According to Timothy Bradley if there is no VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency), then there is no fight. Jaun Manuel Marquez’s response was to simply dismiss his opponent’s gripe as fear and counter masterfully with his suggestion of USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) as the official agency to perform the tests. Nacho Beristain supported his fighter by stating ambiguously that they will never find PED’s in Marquez. Interestingly, enough it seems Bob Arum makes the last decision on what is what with his compromise of using NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commision) to run the entire drug testing protocol. As an added bonus to the Pay per view, they should release the contract live before the fight to see whose beef is legitimate. Regardless, I hope both fighters are clean and hope for an entertaining fight but before that let’s see if can learn anything from this small skirmish.

With Timothy Bradley stance: no Vada, no fight. I determine that to be a rational move. Bradley has made it now into upper echelon of boxing in terms of notoriety and money. Gaining much deserved respect with a close fight with Provodnikov. (I say it’s close if you got almost KO’d) Jeapordizing his life and status to a cheat would singe the precious hair off of anyone in Alopecia treatment program. Some say just fight, who cares. Honestly, to rebut that Bradley is a made fighter now. No need to sleep with fat girls anymore. He can dictate terms. Some would argue that Marquez recent denial in VADA and alarming strength is “fishy”.

I would say Bradley is fearful. I would be too. Marquez took a beating and stood toe to toe with Manny Pacquaio. Something Bradley was unwilling to do. Jaun Manuel Marquez withstood punishment and put to sleep one of the best boxers of our generation. Is Bradley possibly fearing alleged PED use or is Marquez a “bad man”? With recent drug failures from different sports athletes such as “Livestrong” Lance Armstrong, Lamont “Pederson”, trace amount of nandrolone Andre Berto, and “I am innocent” Ryan Braun. I say irregardless of any inkling of possible wrongdoing, for the fighters sake there should be some streamline testing process. One that it is touted and respected. In baseball, you can make millions hitting a ball, hurting other men feelings, and getting laid a lot I am sure but, in physical sports the advantage you take can injure people’s lives and careers.

Honestly, I respect Nacho Beristain. He seems like a great trainer and loves the sport of boxing but if you’re gonna have the wide push broom mustache don’t be saying ambiguous phrases like “they will never find PED’s” according to Why? Because you look like a cheap Go Go Gadget Villian or because the tests the official administer are not advanced enough to detect wrongdoing or we will never find them because Marquez doesn’t use them.

Irregardless of what practical people think or not. It is settled according to CEO of Top Rank Bob Arum. According to badlefthook, Bob Arum states everything is fine. The NSAC will be running the tests. They will be the same tests. To Bob’s Arum credit, NSAC has failed athletes before such as Nick Diaz from UFC. If they are same tests, I don’t see the issue. Yet Bob Arum said “they may be evaluated differently”. Which could mean a household of things? Are thresholds for failure or pass evaluated differently. Obviously this is pure speculation but things to ponder. I know one thing though, if there is another viscious blast, one punch knock out, there’s gonna be plenty of articles written about testing and what ifs.

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