What There Is To Know About Boxing Gloves

There is more to boxing gloves than meets the eye. What many people do not know is that there is a lot of science and technique involved in the making of boxing gloves. Before, boxing gloves were designed as a method of protecting the boxers’ knuckles, now the boxing gloves are made to protect any opponent from knocking out of a game easily and quickly. This latest idea for the making of boxing gloves became more challenging for all boxers, amateur and professional alike because it forced them to make use of strategy instead of force in winning a boxing match.Boxing>

Early History of Boxing Gloves

Boxing has been around for centuries, the same is true for the use of boxing gloves. The Greeks, instead of using the boxing gloves of today, used leather strips to protect the small and fragile bones of the human hand. The Romans also made use of protective gloves for their form of boxing. However, many ended up dead or permanently handicapped because the Romans hardened their gloves and attached spikes and metal studs.

Boxing disappeared for quite some time because of the unfortunate events that the Roman boxing led. When it reappeared around the 1600s, boxing did not make use of any gloves entirely. Padded boxing gloves formally came to existence after the drafting of the Queensbury Rules.

Characteristics of Boxing Gloves

The characteristic of the boxing gloves are determined by its weight. If the boxing gloves are heavy, it means they are safer for use. However, the advantage is taken off by the use of heavy boxing gloves as the boxer can’t swing as fast as he would have been able to with light boxing gloves.

There are different types of boxing gloves depending on weight, size and material. The use of which type of boxing gloves depend on specific situations such as training, sparring, formal matches or gender.

The Purpose of Boxing Gloves

Today, boxing gloves are made use of not only to protect the boxer swinging but the boxer at the opposite end of the swing. Boxing gloves help to protect the small and fragile hands of the boxer as well as protecting the opposing boxer from serious or potentially fatal injuries.

Yes, there is more to boxing gloves than meets the eye. With the drafting of the Queensbury Rules and along with it the formal decree for the use of boxing gloves, boxing was formally recognized as a sport. Now, one can say, without boxing gloves, boxing wouldn’t have been a sport at all.

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