Boxer Bernard Hopkins has placed an appeal over a controversial call made during his recent match, and is facing rehabilitation regarding a significant shoulder injury.

After the said issues are settled, Hopkins will have another mountain to cross: finding a new opponent.

According to the 46-year old boxer, he is not yet going to retire despite the injury on his left shoulder or due to the disputed call that left him without a belt. During his interview with Associated Press, Hopkins said, “I am going to fight again because I’m still the champion… I believe I will be the champion once the proper channels are being taken.”

As Hopkins reviews the videos of his match against Chad Dawson, the former WBC light heavyweight champion shill cannot wrap his head around the manner of his defeat last Saturday night. For the first time in his career, Hopkins was stopped after Dawson smashed him to the canvas during the later part of the second round. It wasn’t exactly a punch but more of a push. However, Pat Russell ruled out a foul and soon Dawson became a proud bearer of the much coveted belt via TKO.

Being the oldest fighter to ever win a major championship, Hopkins suffered from a dislocated joint that connected his shoulder blade and collarbone. He has been scheduled for a number of tests due to his surgery, and will require rehabilitation no matter what the outcome of the tests.

According to Hopkins “My career will not end, and has no reason to end, based on Saturday night… For what?”

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