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Mayweather - Ortiz Bout Set for September

It is official! Floyd Mayweather is set to face off against WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz in September. Mayweather, who has not fought since he won a bout by unanimous decision over Shane Mosley on May 1, 2010, has accepted this bout despite repeated offers to fight Manny Pacqiuao, who most recently fought and defeated Mosley in May in a lopsided decision that lasted 12 rounds.

This is also his first match after taking time off to take care of legal troubles. Mayweather faces felony charges following a domestic argument wth an ex-girlfriend and his children. He also faces harassment charges filed by the officers of his homeowners association in Las Vegas.

Mexican boxer Victor Ortiz is still a formidable opponent, however. He is riding a six-match streak, most recently against Andre Berto whom he fought in April to win the WBC crown.

“I am ready to return to the ring and give my fans a fantastic night of boxing by fighting the best out there for me; that is Victor Ortiz,” Mayweather told the press. “At this stage of my career, these are the challenges I look for, a young, strong, rising star looking to make his mark in boxing by beating me.”

“Trust me, I will be ready,” Mayweather added.

Ortiz who is equally confident about his chances with Mayweather said, “I’m a world champion for a reason and I am not going to let go of my title any time soon. This is going to be a great fight, but I will remain a world champion for many years to come.”

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  • Profile image 46x46 Wilb - about 8 years ago

    Floyd is way past his prime and will be beat and I believe puheinsd. When Floyd was in his prime there were many who would have beat him. Emmanuel Stewart just chuckles everytime Floyd Mayweather calls himself one of the greatest pound for pound fighters ever. I chuckle too.I probably would buy the fight but the price isnt even realistic. Maybe pay 10 bucks TOPS. I watch UFC where there is WAY MORE action and is only 45 dollars with several good fights on the card. Boxing is dreaming with these kind ofprices.