Disappointing End to Vitali-Solis Bout

After promising to end the fight with a knock-out, fans that filled the sold-out Cologne indoor arena got a disappointing end to the anticipated match between Vitali Klitschko and Odlanier Solis.

Just a few minutes into the first round, the two fighters exchanged punches, Solis connecting with Klitschko’s chin with a right punch and the latter throwing a punch at Solis’ temple. The Cuban staggered, wobbled back before falling down on the canvas while clutching his knee. He managed to get back on his feet before the referee Jose Garcia finished the count. Garcia, seeing that Solis was staggering unsteadily after the fall decided to stop the match, to the dismay of the crowd.

“It was definitely my knee,” Solis said while still in the ring. “It could be that I took a wrong step.” The Cuban was taken to his dressing room and then to a hospital to undergo a scan on his knee.

“He will now have a scan and probably have surgery immediately. He seems to have torn ligaments,” Ahmet Oner, Solis’ promoter, explained to the press.

Ukrainian opponent Klitschko thinks that it was his punch that sent the Cuban fighter reeling. “It was a full blow,” he said while in the ring, amidst the boos and whistles of the crowd. This is Solis’ first defeat in 18 professional fights, while the win takes Klitschko up to an improved record of 42-2.

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