Bute Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title

Lucian Bute was expecting a tough fight to keep his title, and sure enough, Brian Magee did not disappoint him. The two faced off Saturday night, both fighters exchanging shots until the fight got more interesting in the sixth round. It was then that Bute dropped Magee with a hard-hitting body shot straight to the gut before dropping the Irishman again twice in the next round.

The Irishman was not counting on going down without a fight, however. Magee began firing more effective shots in the eight and ninth rounds but Bute countered by doubling his shots in the tenth round, to the delight of the crowd. Bute let fly a strong upper cut to the chin that knocked Magee for the third time, which caused referee Podgorski to call the fight at 2:04 on the tenth round.

The upper cut that sent him to the canvas on the third and final fall was something Magee did not expect.

“I thought he’d go to the body again,” he said. “I didn’t think it would be an uppercut.” He accepted his defeat like a true sportsman saying,

“It’s not so bad having a loss on your record against the best in the world. He’s a great champion. I gave it everything. He’s probably the best guy I’ve ever been in with. Very solid, compact, smart.”

After this victory, which allows him to keep his IBF Super Middleweight title, Bute is expected to face off with Danish boxer Mikkel Kessler, who was ringside during the Bute-Magee bout.

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