It was an accidental head butt that cut Evander Holyfield’s left eye which led officials to stop the fight last January 22 after the third round.

Holyfield was the first to land a punch at the beginning of the match, landing a hit straight at William’s face. He was winded by the end of the first round after Sherman Williams let out a series of blows. Holyfield almost went down in the third round, staggering against the ropes before nearly diving into the canvas before he was able to regain his balance.

Soon after, Williams resumed his attack which lasted until the end of the round. Holyfield appeared almost relieved when the fight was stopped, making no objections to the official’s decision to terminate the match.

A rematch with the 38-year old Williams is in the picture. Williams himself mentioned the possibility of a rematch right after the bout. Meanwhile, Holyfield is set to face off with Brian Neilsen in Denmark, which is now a little uncertain considering that the four-time heavyweight champ will need a bit of time to recuperate from his injury.

Williams has said that he would be open to the possibility of taking Holyfield’s title in Denmark.

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