A Las Vegas judge allowed the boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr, to remain free prior to his set February 3 trial. The trial is on the misdemeanor battery complaint filed after Mayweather allegedly poked a security guard’s face in numerous instances over the course of a confrontation outside of the boxer’s home.floyd mayweather jr

During the time the decision was made, Karen Winckler, Mayweather’s lawyer, stood on behalf of the boxer who failed to appear at the Las Vegas Justice Court. Winckler denied any wrongdoing on behalf of the boxer as well, and when asked where her client was, she simply stated that he was out of town.

Winckler was successful enough to persuade Judge Tony Abbatangelo not to arrest Mayweather based on the new charges, despite the efforts of Brad Turner, the prosecutor, to prove that Mayweather displayed a “dangerous behavior.”

This is another case that had been piled on top of Mayweather’s unrelated felony coercion, robbery, and grand larceny charges that also put him behind bars. While Mayweather is currently free after posting a $33,000 bail, the trial is set on January 24. This case is connected from a dispute Mayweather had with his children and Josie Harris, the kids’ mother. If convicted, Mayweather stands 34 years jail time.

While Turner had implored to the judge for Mayweather’s arrest so as to properly “send a message that he can’t continue to engage in these types of behaviors over and over again,” Judge Abbatangelo declined, citing that the bigger issue at hand is the boxer’s pending felony charges.

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