For over a year, Antonio Margarito has tried to shake off a hand-wrapping scandal that has been plaguing him. A video that surfaced just recently showing him to seemingly make fun of a trainer who is suffering Parkinson’s disease did not gain him new friends either. However, his gutsy and admirable performance that ended in a loss against Manny Pacquiao did get him at least a few.antonio margarito

After his grueling battle against Pacquiao, Margarito received a surprising call from the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, who congratulated him for his performance during the fight.

According to Top Rank, Jones contacted Margarito just as he was released from the hospital. The result of the fight was a one-sided victory for Manny Pacquiao and a broken orbital bone for Margarito. The promoter said that Jones called Margarito “a great warrior,” and that he has earned a friend for the rest of his life.

Margarito suffered from multiple deep cuts and a bruising on his left face after Pacquiao pummeled him through 12 rounds. A few days after the match, Margarito underwent surgery to repair the fractured orbital bone and soon headed back to Los Angeles together with his wife, trainer, and managers.

According to his manager Sergio Diaz, “Jerry told us to ‘call me any time’ when we are in the Dallas area.”

Even though Margarito was defeated by Pacquiao, he was guaranteed at least $3 million with a possibility of reaching $6 million after the pay-per-view numbers have been collated.

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