When Freddie Roach heard about what Antonio Margarito and his camp were saying about his disease, the first thing that came to his mind was that he would take matters into his own hands.antonio margarito

Then Roach remembered that he was no longer a fighter, and his hands do not always work the way he tells them to.

Roach suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and he said, “It’s not easy to live with this every day… We have to deal with it. They don’t.”

Roach is currently recognized for being Manny Pacquiao’s trainer. He further explained that he is ready to move on after he received apologies from the camp of Antonio Margarito. The mockery was revealed after a training camp video that appeared to be mocking the trembling of Roach’s hands. Roach and Pacquiao>

Antonio Margarito personally went into the fight press room to publicly offer his apology just two days after he and Manny Pacquiao were going to go head to head at the Cowboy’s Stadium.

According to Margarito, he would never make fun of Freddie Roach, or anybody who may be suffering from the said disease.

A day after the video came out, Roach tried to turn his focus back to the fight, however, he was clearly upset for himself and for those who suffer from the disease.

Roach has stated that he has both Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s Syndrome, which may be caused by repeated blows to the head. This was a result of his days as a journeyman lightweight with a record of 40-13. Although he used to be able to control his tremors, he has admitted that he could not do that anymore.

After the fight, Roach is scheduled to undergo MRI to see the advancement of his disease and perhaps get stronger medication for it.

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