Antonio Margarito can express his remorse and apologize so many times.antonio margarito

His penitence that he has long ago has already turned into frustration as he takes it out on almost all sparring partners that he has come across on. He channels it into each heavy bag that he punches while he prepares to defeat Manny Pacquiao.

After almost two years since the hand-wrapping scandal erupted and almost ended his career in boxing, Margarito has maintained his argument stating that he had no idea that his former trailer had placed illegal pads on top of his fists. Due to the incident, he is still banned from boxing in Nevada and California. However, the commission heads cannot stop Margarito from training in peace at a Hollywood gym or at Oxnard.

Armed with a trainer who claims that he has seen great flaws in the skills of the top boxing champion, Margarito is very determined to capitalize on the chance to defeat Pacquiao in November 13 in a match which will be held in Texas. The fight promises big money for both fighters. However, most fans and critics believe that Margarito doesn’t really deserve it.

According to Margarito, “It’s been really tough, but this is a great opportunity for me, and I have to take full advantage of it… It’s always been difficult for me. They always put tough fights in front of me, and never expect me to do anything, but that’s what made me into the fighter I am.”

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