Cristian Mijares: Unifies WBC and WBA Super Flyweight Title

The Mexican boxer was finally able to unify both WBC and WBA super flyweight titles recently this May 2008. Cristian Mijares, the current WBC super flyweight champion had to battle Alexander Munoz for the WBA super flyweight championship. It was the match of the season, with two champions battling it out head to head in the boxing arena.

The 12-round match ended with Mijares garnering scores of 115-111 and 115-112. One judge ruled in favor of Munoz giving a score of 115-113. The victory wasn’t the only highlight that night, more importantly it was the unification of two super flyweight titles. This would be the first super flyweight unification for nearly a decade.

Cristian Mijares did an excellent job of retaining his WBC super flyweight title since the day it was given him, defeating Katsushige Kawashima in the process. The battle against Alexander Munoz for the WBA super flyweight title was a close one. Alexander Munoz was a worthy opponent for Mijares. Jus like Mijares, Munoz also worked hard to defend his WBA super flyweight title ever since capturing the belt in the year 2002 by knocking out Celes Kobayasho.

Fans of Cristian Mijares went wild that night when he was announced victor. Mijares states that he is proud of his accomplishment and considers the battle against Munoz a great one. Even Mijares had to admit that Munoz had him working hard throughout the 12 rounds. At the end of the day, Mijares emerged victorious and everyone is looking forward to how long Mijares can keep the two unified titles under his belt.

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