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Holyfield Loses to Valuev by a Majority Decision

Former American heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield took to the ring with Russian Nikolai Valuev. 46-year-old Holyfield had hopes that the fight would award him his 5th heavyweight title. However, Valuev proved to be a far more formidable opponent. At the end of the 12-round bout, a majority of the judges ruled Valuev the winner.nikolai valuev

Holyfield admits that he was disappointed with the loss. He said “I thought I had done enough to get the win… Now I have to go home and think about my future.”

He was met with a lot of criticism going into the fight. Many critics accused him of endangering his health for the chance to win another major title. Still, despite his age, Holyfield seemed fit enough when the fight started. He landed several right hooks, but none of them was enough to stun his opponent. 7-foot Valuev was much heavier and he had the advantage of reach.

“He made me work very hard for the win” said the Russian champ. He praised Holyfield for his speed and for his technique. He also commented on the energetic tempo of the fight.

Valuev is known for his less than impressive standings and wins. He has the potential, but he has never shown interest in furthering his name in the world of boxing. He considers his win against Holyfield to be the biggest one in his career.

There has been no comment from Holyfield’s camp as to whether or not this loss will mark his retirement.

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