Manny Pacquiao, Time to Give Up Gloves for New Blooded Boxers
Manny Pacquiao steps on the scale for the official weigh-ins during the official weigh-in for Pacquiao vs. Ugas at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV

Undoubtedly, Manny Pacquiao is one of those Filipinos who put the Philippines visible on the world map.

He is a legend in the world of boxing, and no one can debate that. He is a ferocious tiger in the ring and he’s very eager to accept every challenger who attempts to take his belt.

However, what’s debatable is his performance on Saturday night during his fight with Yordenis Ugas.

Pacquiao was determined to take away the WBA “super” welterweight title from Ugas, who was originally his title. Apparently, due to the global pandemic, Pacquiao rested for 2 years.

Yordenis Ugas won the match via unanimous decision, with Judges Dave Moretti and Steve Weisfeld scored 116-112 for Ugas and Patricia Morse-Jarman at 115-113.

Based on Pacquiao’s previous performance during his younger days, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to defeat Ugas. His yesterday’s performance was a little off, as he wasn’t able to make adjustments on Ugas’ physicality, arm length, boxing style, and size. Pacquiao hyped earlier in the fight and he’s doing a lot of damage. Meanwhile, everything changed in the second half of the game when Ugas began to strike his right hand and landed accurate punches that shook Pacquiao.

Pacquiao has been known for his fast footwork; but this time, his legs seemed to abandon him, as he can never move the way he does before. Some commentators and internet netizens have commented that it’s time for him to pave way for new boxers and he should retire. Besides, the name “Manny Pacquiao” will forever be in the Philippine History books, citing him as a heroic fighter inside and outside the ring.

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