Nico Ali Walsh, Muhammad Ali's Grandson, Won After One Round

Nico Ali Walsh, Muhammad Ali's Grandson, Won After One Round Photo: TT
Nico Ali Walsh enters the ring to fight Jordan Weeks in a middleweight boxing bout Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021

Carrying out the great legacy left by Muhammad Ali within the ring is his grandson, Nico Ali Walsh, who recently won his first fight via TKO.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum had overseen that Nico Ali Walsh would continue the extraordinary legacy that Muhammad Ali had left the boxing industry. He first promoted the former heavyweight champion in 1966, including his fight “The Thrilla in Manila”. 2 generations later, he staged Ali Walsh’s first fight against Jordan Weeks, which Ali Walsh had commented that it’s something that should be in a Hollywood movie.

Unluckily for Weeks, he only lasted within the first 90 seconds in the ring after Ali Walsh had knocked him down with his right hand. As soon as he went back to his feet, Ali Walsh landed another punch, forcing the referee to stop the match.

Ali Walsh donned in white shorts, which was given by Muhammad “The Greatest” Ali. His mother, Rasheda Ali, celebrated Ali Walsh’s first win at the ringside as her son posed similarly to his grandfather every after winning. Another spectator who stood in the corner was Sugarhill Steward, who is also known for training Tyson Fury.

After his first fight, Ali Walsh also expresses how much he thinks about his grandfather and how he misses him. Walsh also shared that being Muhammad Ali’s grandson is a lot of pressure for him. To the crowd, Muhammad Ali had remained to be the greatest fighter and person who had ever lived, but for him, he is the greatest grandfather.

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