Floyd Mayweather Will Help Errol Spence Jr. on His Fight with Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather Will Help Errol Spence Jr. on His Fight with Manny Pacquiao Photo: TT
Floyd Mayweather during their press conference after an exhibition boxing match against Logan Paul at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida, June 6, 2021 Photo by Larry Marano

On August 21, Errol Spence Jr. will be playing against the People’s Champion, Manny Pacquiao and many boxing fans were going frenzy on it.

Even Pacquiao’s former opponent, Floyd Mayweather Jr., is looking forward to their fight. Mayweather was seen having an eight-round exhibition with Youtube star turned MMA fighter, Logan Paul, last weekend.

Mayweather was asked who he would like to win between Pacquiao and Spence Jr., and he was only mum about it. He said that he wished them nothing but the best, but he will support Errol Spence because he always put his people first.

The newly inducted Hall of Famer can only praise Spence Jr., because when he was beltless, he is seeing Spence Jr., to become a world champion. He had been right when Spence Jr. is currently the holder of 2 out of 4 major world titles.

Despite his age, 42-year-old boxer and the Philippine senator Manny Pacquiao is still oozing with confidence that he can beat Spence Jr. With that said, Mayweather said that he is willing to give Spence some advice on how to beat Pacquiao, so he can bring home the victory. After all, he knows how dangerous of a player Pacquiao is despite his humble stature.

In May 2015, it is noted that Pacquiao managed to stun Mayweather several times, however, his stun isn’t enough because Mayweather started to walk away with a unanimous decision. Mayweather also said that he is looking forward to seeing Errol Spence win, so he’s going to call him and give him some pointers.

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