Floyd Mayweather's Press Conference With Logan Paul Went Wrong

Floyd Mayweather's Press Conference With Logan Paul Went Wrong Photo: TT
Floyd Mayweather and US Youtuber Logan Paul attend a press conference at Hard Rock Stadium on May 06, 2021 in Florida.

After months of postponement, Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul had finally met at a press conference on May 6, but the YouTube star noted that the press conference is a “big mistake. Fans are anticipating having this moment come true as the YouTube star is finally fighting the most accomplished boxer on June 6. With almost a month gap until the big fight, they will share a spotlight to promote.

Their first meeting took place last May 6, where Jake Paul grabbed headlines. After the first staredown, Paul exudes more confidence. He shared in a YouTube vlog in a May 10 upload that this was Floyd’s biggest mistake, as Mayweather had underestimated MMA fighters’ efforts and dedication to the sport, especially the number of hours they have to equip in their body and mind to make the sports successful.

Mayweather has been in the boxing industry for more than 20 years with more than 51 opponents. Even though Mayweather has been winning every single fight, including with the People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao, still Paul believes that Mayweather might have been underestimating what he can do and his work ethic.

Paul also noted that for more than three years he’s been in the MMA sports, the training has been dangerous and he and his brother, Jake, are winning at it. The tension between Paul and Mayweather has been indifferent throughout the press conference, yet Paul believes that their fight would become Mayweather’s first-ever loss.

Paul and Mayweather are set to fight at the Hard Rock Stadium on June 6.

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