Billy Joe Saunders Couldn't Possible Continue Boxing after Breaking His Cheekbone

Billy Joe Saunders Couldn't Possible Continue Boxing after Breaking His Cheekbone Photo: TT
Canelo Alvarez (L) and Billy Joe Saunders (R) during a super middleweight boxing title fight at AT&T Stadium, May 8, 2021

Canelo Alvarez is most likely to become the undisputed champion, as he damaged co-boxer, Billy Joe Sanders. Alvarez noted in an interview that he knew what he did about the punch. On the other hand, promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed that Saunders will have to undergo surgery as Saunders’s eye socket broke.

Alvarez had previous WBO, WBC, and WBA super-middleweight titles under his belt, so what he’s doing to continue his passion is to stay focused as he does his job. Alvarez noted that Saunders is a great fighter and he was glad that he took the fight professionally, and they’re about to make history in boxing.

Alvarez’s winning is now being celebrated with his family. The next fight that needs to happen is with IBF Belt, super middleweight, Caleb Plant. If Plant is okay with it, then the negotiation will be arranged immediately. As of now, Alvarez is a free agent, so he can choose his desired opponent for his next fight.

Eddie Hearn said that Alvarez is free to fight whoever he wants, as long as he wants the fight to make it happen. The process will be more straightforward, compared to those boxers who are under contract from a company or handler. Seeing Alvarez’s next goal to fight with Caleb Plant has no complications, so hopefully, it may happen immediately.

On the other hand, Alvarez won’t be fighting Demetrius Andrade, an alphabet champion and currently holds the WBO’s middleweight belt. Alvarez shrugged off with the thought of fighting with Andrade because he fights with nobody.

For the record, Cancel Alvarez will be first Mexico’s undisputed champion in four divisions. He also gratefully noted his fans for their support, even amidst the pandemic.

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