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Another Boxer Dies From Injuries

Just days after Maxim Dadashev died due to injuries sustained from boxing, another boxer, Hugo Santillan from Argentina also died due to boxing-related injuries.

According to reports, the 23-year-old was unable to continue his match against Eduardo Javier Abreu. Both fighters were going at it in hopes of winning the WBC Latino title for Silver lightweight on Saturday. He collapsed in the middle of the fight, so it was ended in a draw.

After the fight, Santillan was brought to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. However, he passed away on Thursday.

In a tweet, the World Boxing Council simply stated, “Rest in Peace, Hugo Santillan.”

This has been a grim week in the world of boxing as Santillan is not the first, but the second boxer who has died within a week. Both deaths were a result of that each of the boxers sustained while in the right.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Dadashev also died even after undergoing surgery. His fight was held on Friday, but lasted only until the 11th round where his trainer threw in the towel. Sadly, after undergoing the surgery, Dadashev failed to recover. The bleeding in his brain was perhaps a little too much and took a lot out of the fighter.

Kalle Sauerland, boxing promoter, simply tweeted “A sad, sad week for boxing.”

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