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Manny Pacquiao Makes MMA Prediction on Mayweather vs McGregor

Manny Pacquiao Makes MMA Prediction on Mayweather vs McGregor Photo: TT

Back in 2017, Floyd Mayweather was able to defeat Conor McGregor easily in the boxing ring. Manny Pacquiao thinks that the result would be much different if it were in the MMA ring.

Both Mayweather and McGregor have been brought up in news regarding a rematch ever since their first fight ended. McGregor has expressed a keen interest to get Mayweather to fight in The Octagon, which is McGregor’s specialty discipline.

Pacquiao knows Mayweather as a boxer, and he believes that McGregor would come out as the victor if the two actually meet on the Irishman’s terms.

The Filipino, on the other hand, is preparing for his fight against Keith Thurman, which will be held on Saturday night. He mentioned about the different scenario and demands that each sport has, especially when it comes to stamina. According to Pacquiao, “MMA and boxing is different, especially boxing. In boxing if you don’t have enough stamina, you’ll be in trouble… They both can compete but the thing is it depends what arena they’re going to fight… If you’re going to fight in MMA rules, the MMA fighter has the advantage.”

Mayweather has not competed in the ring since his match with McGregor. He did, however, take on Tenshin Nasukawa, a Japanese kickboxer, for an exhibition bout last year.

With regards to Pacquiao vs Mayweather, the Filipino legend has stated, “If he coming back and decided to fight me, I’m here.”

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