Keith Thurman Bets on Himself to Defeat Pacquiao

In Las Vegas, Keith Thurman has reportedly taken money out to make a couple of bets on himself winning at the event later this week.

Thurman is currently an unbeaten WBA welterweight champion. However, he will still need to wait until the odds of his fight favor him some more against Manny Pacquiao. Thurman may have been the reported favorite when the fight was announced, but as of Wednesday, odds are showing Pacquiao favor.

The welterweight champion is still confident that he will defeat the Filipino legend. In fact, in his press conference that was held at MGM Grand, he announced that he will bet on himself winning via knockout. He believes that he can knockout Pacquiao in the first, second, and seventh rounds.

According to reports, the odds of him actually winning by knockout within the first or second rounds are noted at 60-1. At this point, Thurman is waiting a little bit until Saturday to place his bets.

According to him, “Well, to be honest, we were waiting because so many people are betting Pacquiao… So, we’re waiting. We believe that the odds are gonna keep being not in my favor, which is gonna allow me to really maximize my bets. So, I went to the bank today. We got the money ready, but we haven’t gotten the ticket yet. Because, you know, they’re still gonna shift. It’s not Friday night. All the fans aren’t here at MGM yet. And, you know, them Asians have been getting it in. I think I’ve offended a lot more other Filipinos than I did Manny Pacquiao.”

On Pacquiao’s side, when the Filipino was asked about the bets Thurman is making, he simply smiled and said, “Thank you for your donation.”

Pacquiao was also asked if he would bet on himself before the match, to which he said, “No… I don’t bet [on] myself.”

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