Amir Khan To Go Against Billy Dib, Goyat Involved In Car Crash

Amir Khan and Neeraj Goyat were scheduled for a mega-fight to be held in July 12. However, a statement was released from the promoter that Goyat was involved in a car accident, resulting in severe injuries.

Khan also took to his Twitter account, sending updates stating, “Hi guys, we got some sad news today that Neeraj Goyat was in an accident in India and is no longer able to fight on July 12 in Saudi Arabia.”

Initially, the plan was for Khan to go against Goyat in July 12, to be held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It was billed as the “India vs Pakistan” boxing match. Unfortunately, Goyat suffered injuries to his head, face, and arm, so he will not be able to prepare for their fight in such a short time span.

The promoter of the Super Boxing League earlier informed that they would need to find a replacement for Goyat, and it was just recently announced that the new opponent would be Billy Dib.

In an additional tweet from Khan, he stated “We have made a change of opponent now. I hope Neeraj recovers quickly and gets fully fit again. These things happen in boxing. Our new opponent is Billy Dibb. He will be coming up to fight me, just like I came up to fight Canelo. He is confident and wants to come up and fight me.”

Goyat was in Khan’s radar for some time, as Khan wanted to have the opportunity for a comeback after his defeat from Terence Crawford. Since his defeat in April, Khan has not been seen in any other fights.

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