Manny Pacquiao Defeats Lucas Matthysse To Win Championship Title

Manny Pacquiao Defeats Lucas Matthysse To Win Championship Title

Manny Pacquiao won his 60th win on Saturday night when he stopped Lucas Matthysse. The Pacman defeated Matthysse during the seventh round, leading him to win the WBA welterweight championship title. The match was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and was his first stoppage since 2009.

It would seem that time flashed back and the Pacquiao of old came out to fight Matthysse that day. The fight was held in front of a sold-out crowd at Axiata Arena, and was broadcasted over ESPN+. Pacquiao was seen displaying his superior speed towards the Argentine throughout the fight. The performance was a far cry from his previous fight against Horn, who fought using strength against Pacquiao. But with Matthysse, Pacquiao was against someone who was closer to him in size, so there was not much challenge in terms of size difference.

As far as the match went, Pacquiao did not have to worry much against Matthysse. The Argentine was seen being beaten often even from the earlier rounds.

After two rounds, it was pretty clear that Matthysse was not well matched with PacMan. The question that remained for most was whether or not Pacquiao would be able to have his first knockout since his 2009 match against Miguel Cotto.

By the third round, Pacquiao hit Matthysse with an uppercut that sent him falling to the canvas. Afterwards, the fight seemed to be a survival challenge for Matthysse, especially when Pacquiao increased his power to put him away early.

The fight went on for more rounds, and by the seventh round, it seemed Pacquiao was done and hit Matthysse with power punches. When a Pacquiao uppercut hit Matthysse on the chin and knocked him out, referee Kenny Bayless called off the match.

The performance of Pacquiao, now almost 40 years old, was seen as dominant and quite a throwback to his fights of old. This has caused many to wonder if PacMan can still go on and bring back the same energy and spirit into his next fights.

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