Canelo Alvarez Gets Banned After Failed Drug Tests

Canelo Alvarez Gets Banned After Failed Drug Tests
Canelo Alvarez (L) during a press conference on his supposed-upcoming rematch fight with Gennady Glolovkin (R)

Canelo Alvarez, two-division world boxing champion, has been suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission for 6 months after he tested positive twice for a banned performance-enhancing substance.

According to reports, Alvarez was found with Clenbuterol in his system, which resulted in a unanimous vote from Chairman Anthony Marnell III, and the commissioners Christopher Ault, Sandra D. Morgan, Dr. Robert McBeath, and Staci Alonso.

The suspension span starts from the date when Alvarez’s first test sample returned positive results. These were obtained in Mexico in February 17. The start date allows Alvarez to fight during the Mexican Independence weekend rematch against Gennady Golovkin.

According to the Commissioner, they found that Alvarez did not take the banned substance intentionally during the first offense. It was found out that Alvarez accidentally ingested the substance after eating beef in Mexico.

However, not everyone seems to think that a six-month ban is enough. Amir Khan has expressed that Alvarez should be banned for life. According to Khan, “Once a drugs cheat, always a drugs cheat… Canelo will be remembered forever as a drugs cheat. Not for his boxing.”

Khan believes that the six-month ban sends a message to young fingers that they can do drugs, and so what. Since Canelo could do it, then everybody else could. He believes that it sets a wrong example since taking drugs simply amounts to a one-fight ban while he is taking a break.

“I’ve been in this for more than ten years and never even thought about taking anything. Drugs cheats in boxing should be banned for life. There is no respect for the sport,” adds Khan.

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