Could a Manny Pacquiao vs Conor McGregor be in the Works for April 2018?

I guess one boxing superfight isn’t enough, especially if more and more people are clamoring for it. The latest superfight rumor that’s been circulating in the news include that between eight-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao vs Conor McGregor. The world boxing champion has been eyeing McGregor for his comeback April of 2018.

Pacquiao Challenges the Notorious

While many people won’t exactly call it a challenge, there certainly was a hint of it when Pacquiao posted a picture of the Irishman along with a Thanksgiving greeting and the hashtags #realboxingmatch #2018. When this went public back a month ago, the world was abuzz with the possibility of another superfight. Pacquiao has also confirmed that his camp has reached out to McGregor’s people to talk about the possible fight. According to Pacquiao, he certainly has no problem fighting with McGregor if they agree on the terms of negotiation. However, Pacquiao has also revealed that they haven’t had any follow-up conversations since their initial talk.

Pacquiao on Mayweather vs McGregor

It wasn’t too long ago when Pacquiao was laughing at the idea of Mayweather and McGregor fighting. Before the fight was scheduled, Pacquiao stated in news interviews that he hopes the fight wouldn’t be boring. His predictions for that megafight also came true, with McGregor losing to Mayweather and that the fight was a disappointment to many boxing enthusiasts.

However, should a fight between McGregor and Pacquiao push through, you can be sure that both parties will be preparing very well for it. Both McGregor and Pacquiao has lost to Mayweather in the past and it could be a very strong motivating factor for both to succeed, aside from the money that they’ll earn after the fight, that is.

If you ask fans, they’re going to be hoping it won’t be another disappointing run for the Notorious especially if this becomes his second appearance in the boxing ring.

White Threatens to Sue Pacquiao

If it has anything to do with McGregor, you know that Dana White, UFC President, will have heard about it. When news of Pacquiao reaching out to McGregor reached White, he says that Pacquiao’s team will definitely experience repercussions for making such a move. He also stated that McGregor’s next fight will be in the Octagon and not in the boxing ring.

When reached for his comment regarding this news, Bob Arum, the Top Rank Promotions, says that it is true Pacquiao reached out to McGregor. But if a fight is arranged in the future, according to Arum people will not just be hearing about it, he’ll be announcing it upfront. When asked for his prediction for this possible fight, Arum didn’t hesitate when saying that Pacquiao won’t fight McGregor the way Mayweather did.

Other promoters are also interested in this would-be fight. Australian promoter, Dean Lonergan, has been pushing the McGregor and Pacquiao fight for quite some time. He says that Pacquiao is popular down south at the same time issuing a challenge to the Irishman to tell him how much he wants and he’ll make it happen.

With this news abuzz, people certainly can’t wait for 2018 to come around.

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