Retiring WBO World Champion Miguel Cotto Loses by Points to Sadam Ali
Miguel Cotto (red trunks) and Sadam Ali

Miguel Cotto, the six-time world champion, retires from the sport of boxing, but not after an upsetting unanimous points-decision defeat by Sadam Ali in a fight for his WBO light-middleweight title. Cotto chose to put an end to his 17-year career in a bout against Ali in New York before a largely Puerto Rican crowd.

Miguel Cotto Announces Retirement

Prior to his fight with Sadam Ali, Cotto already announced to his fans and to the world that his title defense will be his last, win or lose. When announcing that this would be his last fight, many of his fans were saddened at the decision, but the 37 year old Puerto Rican already made his countrymen proud.

Cotto began boxing at the young age of 11 years old all for the reason of losing weight. It turned out to be a sport that the young Puerto Rican would go to excel in, even to the length of becoming a Hall of Famer. He is recognized as a multiple-time world champion as well as the first Puerto Rican boxer to win world titles in four different weight divisions.

The Underdog, Sadam Ali

No one would have anticipated that Sadam Ali, considered the huge underdog in the fight, would end up winning the bout and snatching the WBO junior middleweight title. Sadam Ali was a former US Olympian. His performance was strong in the second half of the 12-round bout. Ali won with scores of 115-113, 115-113, and 116-112. He was quicker and stronger compared to Miguel Cotto. He landed an overall number of 122 power punches compared to Cotto’s only 108 punches.

When the victory was announced, Ali was overjoyed, especially after the fact that only few believed that he would win the fight. According to Ali, he worked hard for this victory and went on to thank Team Cotto for the opportunity given to him. Much like Cotto, Ali trained in the sport of boxing since he was eight years old. It has been his dream to be on HBO and fighting in his hometown.

Cotto Injured Left Bicep Mid-Bout

After the fight, Cotto revealed to Max Kellerman of HBO that he injured and might have possibly torn his left bicep in the middle of the bout. It was during this time that Ali took the opportunity, sensing the inability that Cotto was showing in the ring. The injury caused Cotto from dealing his left hook, his powerful weapon that has destroyed many boxers he has fought with in the past.

Ali even acknowledged the tremendous power behind Cotto’s punches in a post-fight interview. Ali stated that he wanted to be a smart fighter. By the time the seventh round came around, it was crunch time for him. He decided he wanted to win the fight and pushed on with that mindset.

Cotto’s Words after Losing to Ali

Cotto states in a post-fight interview that he didn’t want to make excuses even after injuring his left bicep. The great Puerto Rican fighter said that Sadam Ali won the fight fair and square.

Even after losing to Ali in the last fight of his 17-year career, Cotto goes home happy with his family. He was a boxer clearly thankful to all his fans after the fight and most especially to Madison Square Garden, who he considers his second home as it has given him the opportunity countless times to provide for his family. Cotto ends his professional career with a boxing record of 41 wins and 6 losses, with 33 knockouts.

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