Why Every Weight Lifter Should Wear Weight Lifting Gloves

Weight lifting gloves – aka gym gloves – are a must have workout gear for weight lifters. Weight lifting can be comfortable and safe for you and you can get most out of your workout only if you have a strong grip on bar and there is no chance of slipping. For this reason you need to be equipped with right workout gear and gym gloves are the most important ones for a weight lifter. Want to know why you need weight lifting gloves? And the reasons why they are beneficial for weight lifters? Keep reading.

Let’s have a look on some common reasons why every weight lifter must wear gloves.


If you are a weight lifter, you need to lift bar or weight with a strong grip and gloves can add a lot to your grip. It is obvious that when you start weight lifting, your hands become sweaty and moisture can affect your grip. It becomes more dangerous if you are holding heavy weight. Gloves can make your task a lot easier, safe and handy by making your grip on bar good and dry.

Blisters and calluses

Another benefit of gym gloves is that they can help you prevent blisters and calluses. Blisters and skin infections are a common issue for many weight lifters and gym goers. This occurs as a result of skin’s contact with gym equipment leading to microbial infections. However, using good quality of gloves with padding can help you prevent this problem. Padding in the gloves acts as antimicrobial barrier and prevents germ activity.

Wrist support

Providing support to the wrist and avoiding any kind of injury to them is another reason why weight lifters use gym gloves. Gloves do so by keeping a tight grip around your wrist. Gloves with wrist support are suitable for those who had some kind of injury previously as well.


Weight lifting gloves help relieve pressure on your hands as well as wrists. Wearing gloves can help you move your hands beyond the limitations. Gloves on your hand will help distribute pressure on chest and back muscles as well that can’t be done when lifting weight with naked hands. In short, gym gloves increase the pressure capacity on your hands.

Increased lift

Wearing gloves on your hands and around your wrists will make you stronger by distributing weight being lifted across your forearms. Weight lifting gloves with wrist wraps can help you lift much more weight than you can with naked hands.Wearing weight lifting gloves is a definitely personal choice. Many professionals are in favor of wearing gym gloves during workout while there are others who believe that wearing gloves is not beneficial as they may add hurdles to their training. However, it is believed that by choosing right weight lifting gloves with well-suited type, size and fitting, you can make your exercise much more easy and comfortable for you.

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