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Established: 1997 Jurisdiction: Gibraltar
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888 Sport began operations mainly as an online casino before joining hands with Blue Square to start their online bookmaking business. 888 Sport took Blue Square to the rest of Europe and made itself a household name amongst bookies all over the continent.

A company known for its sponsorships in various sports, 888 made great waves with its bookmaking business and is considered as one of the top sportsbooks in the world today. Along with online poker and casino games, 888 Sport has managed to create a comprehensive portal for customers, one that is hardly matched in quality and efficiency.

Basic Overview

From the very beginning, 888 Sport has an extremely classy and sophisticated look to it. While the main menu does have the listings, all individual sports are listed along the left side of the website and that makes sport selection extremely simple.

All major sporting events in the near future are placed smack down the middle of the home page. Once the user picks an event to bet on, things get quite simple in front of the user, although the website runs extremely complicated code at the back to make things work.

Each event has a number of scenarios that give customers a number of options that are all extremely viable thanks to a reliable system of generating reasonable odds.


This is quite a straightforward process with the requirements of filling up a form and receiving a confirmation email. As soon as you get that, you are in and ready to rumble.


888 Sport is known to give all new members a 100% cashback offer of upto GBP 50.00 on their first bet. While there are few other opportunities to take advantage of bonuses, the initial bonus is considerably large as compared to most of the top companies in the industry.


The betting process on 888 Sport can be a bit complicated to begin with however, once the process is understood, it is quite simple to execute. After picking an event, the user is sent to a page that contains all the possible scenarios for that particular event. When you have an outcome of your choice, simply click on the “Bet” button next to that odd and you will be sent to the betting slip.

Unlike most other bookmakers, the betting slip does not appear on the same page and therefore, if you want to make more bets, you need to keep going back to the main window to make more bets. Going back each time to the main window allows the customer to add more selections to the betting slip and then the process continues until the user checks out.


888 Sport has come in leaps and bounds since joining hands with Blue Square. While the main functionality of Blue Square remains the same for the UK-based audience, what is new is the attention to the European community. Change in language also leads to a change in content to a more region-specific tone.

This comes as a pleasant surprise in a company which still has a long way to go in terms of wooing people solely based on the odds they present.


Odds are, at best, average. That is all that can be said about the odds on offer at 888 Sport. While there may be the occasional standout odd that may catch the eye, the general view has always been that 888 Sport has been rather sober as compared to some of the other big names in the industry.

Customer Attention

Live chat if you have a problem on the website, telephone and mail support, all point to one thing – high quality of customer service. But is it really?

The live chat is slow to the verge of dying. You do not know if you will get a reply unless you wait for an hour. Type in your question, plant a coffee seed, water it, let it grow, pluck some beans and crush them to make some coffee and then return to your computer just in time to read that the “Agent is typing a message”.

Phone support was better however, they provide support only during their working hours and if you are not in England, you might find yourself up all night to get a chance to call them. Hardly the highest standards in the world.


When 888 Sport came into existence, they really made others look up and take notice of what was considered as one of the biggest threats in the world of book making. While it is always considered as a reliable option, 888 Sport has hardly wowed anyone with their odds or customer service. An average website also means that there could be problems for first timers, looking to start off their experience with 888 Sport.

Until the time that 888 Sport begins taking matters into its own hand and move away from the website experience of Blue Square, there is little in terms of plusses for the company however, they still remain near the top for their integrity, honest dealings and above average ratings around the world.

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