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Super Book welcomes players from United States

The name makes it sound fantastic but honestly, the entire experience of betting on Superbook is not that different from any tier 2 sportsbook. Established as an online bookmaker in 1996, Superbook have a distinct incline towards the American sports market.

While this doesn’t mean that their capabilities are limited, they do tend to display certain drawbacks when it comes to world sporting events, even in sports such as football.

Basic Overview

The website yells out “American sports-related company” as soon as you visit it. The colours are metallic with the odd stand-out thrown in. There are few reasons to like the website other than the sports on offer. They are unlike most major sportsbooks but then, they aren’t as big either.

They are a leader for the United States market and their emphasis on the red-white-blue colour combination may have something to do with the nationalistic pride they infuse in their primary clientele. The company deals heavily in American sports and only mildly with the rest of the world. Despite this, they are one of the top bookmakers in the world and that is more than enough.

Like every high-end sportsbook, Superbook is also standard in their registration process. You need to fill in a simple form and that just takes a couple of minutes. To become a member, Superbook doesn’t demand the deposition details.

Placing a bet is quite simple and straightforward. If you don’t like the numerous betting markets on display on the home screen, you can click on any one of the sports on offer, on the menu just under the top menu. Clicking on the sport will throw up a host of markets and you can pick events under each market.

Some of the major events or leagues are listed separately and that makes picking easier for the average customer. All the specials are lined up under a separate section. Once you pick the event and the market, you are led to the page with all the prices lined up. Simply select the price you want to bet on by checking the box next to it.

The prices are displayed in American style and that may be slightly different for those who are accustomed to the European style of play.

The odds on offer, for American sports, are the best in the business. Superbook are one of the market leaders when it comes to offering odds and compared to other sportsbooks, even some of the big names, Superbook lead the race when it comes to the American market. Their odds come out quicker and are better than the likes of Ladbrokes or Bwin.

However, when it comes to the world market, you can see a bit of inexperience. The odds are not nearly as inviting as that of tier 2 sportsbooks even. It is quite apparent that unless there is a massive revamp of their European market structure, Superbook will remain an American powerhouse within their shores only.

Restricted Countries

Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Utah, Nevada and Washington State.

Superbook Bonuses and Promos

In order to check out their deals and promotional offers, you need to become a member first. However, one thing that is already confirmed is the fact that using Bitcoin will fetch you a more attractive discount in contrast to other methods. The deposit bonus with Bitcoin is 20 percent, which is indeed a great deal in our opinion.

Payment & Withdrawal Options

Deposit methods:

Deposit options include Visa, cash transfers, e-wallets and Bitcoins.

Keep in mind that e-wallets can be availed by customers outside of USA and Canada.

The minimum deposit is $50, and maximum is $1,000.

Bitcoin, with a minimum deposit of $5, while the maximum deposit is $10,000.

Withdrawal methods:

Withdrawals can be done with any of the cashier options. To withdraw, simply log into your account and follow the instructions in Cashier section.

Customer Support

While only Visa or Mastercard deposit schemes are available, customer assistance remains the only highlight of this bookmaker. They are fast, efficient and this is probably due to the fewer queries they get as compared to a larger company.

The staff is fast and their response is adequate! You get all the regular benefits of communicating through email, live chat or phone. Payouts are timely as well and there are, usually, few reasons to complain on this front.



Live Betting

Live betting feature is available at Superbook, for a wide range of sports. From tennis to football, you can find any and every sport to place a wager on while the game is in play.

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is quite convenient with Superbook. You can use their services on your device with the same ease as you would do on your desktop.


There is a major focus on the American sports markets and that is the strongpoint for Superbook. They cater to the NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NASCAR racing, NFL and also the collegiate versions of these sports. Outside of America, they cater to football, or soccer. However, the coverage is limited and mediocre.

You will also find fewer options, in terms of special markets, to bet on but that is just a small indication of the disappointments you are likely to face, if betting on Superbook.


Superbook is American and they like to stay American. They are wonderful if you are looking at American sports to bet on but for the rest of the world, there is no other description but rubbish! You can easily find better odds on most tier 2 sportsbooks around the world and the number of markets is quite low too.

However, the fact is that you won’t stumble across Superbook for betting in Europe and they know it too. The emphasis on American sports is evident and in that arena, they can easily beat other, larger, bookmakers from around the world.

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