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BETDAQ is one of the topmost sportsbooks in the world today. Another one of those sportsbooks that are dedicated only to betting and not online gaming as well, Betdaq are quickly becoming quite popular with their great services and decent odds.

With poker being a recent addition to their services, Betdaq has catered well to customers from over 100 countries, garnering bets of over 50 million pounds per week. Named along the same lines as “NASDAQ”, Betdaq also offers a betting exchange experience that Betfair has done so well on.


There is little doubt that Betdaq is more basic in appearance and style, when it comes to their website. The website treads dangerously along the lines of being a almost template-like, in appearance. That said, the company has paid a lot of emphasis of offering a stock-exchange like atmosphere to those who would like to bet.

Following the likes of Betfair, in offering a different kind of betting experience, Betdaq goes on to offer a new betting exchange option to those interested in such a format. The liberal smearing of purple on the website takes some getting used to, with the overall presentation seeming busy, more than anything else.

However, the website allows you to customize by minimizing or extending almost every aspect on it. There are certain small features that make the entire browsing experience incredible, only once you get used to it though.


The registration process on Betdaq is quite similar to what you have elsewhere. The only green coloured button on the entire website shows you where to click to join them – so that you are hardly likely to miss. It automatically picks up your country location from the IP address, therefore also adding in the international dialling code into the required column. That is always a welcome sight, often overlooked by many. Two lesser columns to fill means that you are already two columns down the line to register, when you start.

Once you register, you can then enter your deposit format details and you are ready to roll on the Betdaq betting exchange.


Betdaq has a 2% commission rate that makes it extremely attractive to those who have been aware of the policies at Betfair. Betdaq is certainly attracting people for this excellent feature. While Betdaq may not offer anything in terms of bonuses to those signing up, they do charge almost half of what Betfair does, in terms of their rates. While Betfair charges a 5% commission, Betdaq’s bonus is their 2% rate.


Betting on Betdaq is one of the simplest experiences you will find in a long time. Not only are you given all the big game options as soon as you enter the website, you find your bet quite easily on this intuitive website.

Once you pick your bet, by clicking on it, your betting slip opens up on the right. Like in every betting exchange, not only do you get to bet the amount of money you want on a particular outcome, you also get to control the odds that are governing that outcome. This means that you get a higher payout if the value of the odd is raised higher than average. The experience is quite direct and non-flashy, making it a simple process for those who are interested in a betting exchange and not a traditional sportsbook.


Betdaq offers some regular markets with a large emphasis on football in Europe. They are also big on horseracing, greyhound racing and even golf. Where they do differ from some of the other companies is in their Gaelic betting scenario. They allow people to bet on Gaelic sporting events like Gaelic Football and Hurling.

They also have a separate section dedicate to special bets that are extremely exclusive to Betdaq either in terms of the categories they belong to or just the formats that are on offer.


Being a betting exchange, rather than a traditional sportsbook, the odds depend on what the customer chooses. However, how the exchange works is on the basis of commission rates and in that, Betdaq are way ahead of their main rivals, Betfair.

A 2% commission rate, as compared to the 5% on Betfair, makes them a sensational choice for the average better. In Asian handicaps, they go even lower, almost to 1% at times. While that has changed over time, they are likely to come to the 5% commission rate as well, in time.


Betdaq are not impressive in this department, by any stretch of the imagination. They are reachable, yes, but that’s about it. Their help-desk is quite an important tool because live chat is hard to locate. There have been reports by other reviewers that there is a live-chat option but we failed to find any trail of evidence that would tell us of its existence.

They seemed quite amenable to email contact with over six email IDs connecting them to customers. However, most of the emails bounced back from some of their addresses, reporting a fault in their system. Quite unimpressive to say the least!


Betdaq is one of the main competitors for Betfair, however the only thing that they have to hold them against their more illustrious rivals is the whole 2% commission rate. Everywhere else, Betfair beats Betdaq hands down.

If, as reports suggest, Betdaq will revert to the 5% commission rates, then there is no reason for them to attract any one. Their customer service is quite poor and in terms of odds, Betfair are miles ahead. Professionalism is also not their forte, but to say the least, Betfair is still on the right track.

With their early odds and 2% commission rates, Betdaq continues to draw clientele away from Betfair, but its only a matter of time before they will realise that that can get them only so far.

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