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10Bet are a relatively new entrant to the market compared to the older players. Established in 2003, 10Bet has come through leaps and bounds as a purely online bookmaker. Their service for football enthusiasts is second to none and they are known to be quite interesting, in terms of the odds they offer, to those that love a wide variety of betting options.

10Bet may not be as old as some betting sites, but has bags of experience behind it to make it one of the biggest players in the sportsbook industry today.

Basic Overview

10Bet online is one of the leading sportsbooks and is as easy and simple to use, as it is to understand. Clear as day, 10Bet is one of the big names in sportsbooks today, mainly for their ability to give customers extremely good odds.

10Bet has really improved upon its navigation when it comes to reaching around the website. A place where it has lost points in the past, 10Bet has really made amends with a new design that is spectacular and easy on the eye. The navigation is completely intuitive and requires no shooting in the dark.


The registration process on 10Bet is on par with all the top-line sportsbooks in the industry. All you need to do is fill in the form and your job is done. You get to select the currency, the payment options and everything before registering.

The process is simple and doesn’t require too much effort and you are ready to rumble in just a few minutes.


If you join 10Bet, you get a 50% initial deposit bonus of upto 30 euro. However, this is on a 60 euro deposit. If you are looking to get something more, you can get upto 150 euro back, on a 10% return value. This means, make an initial deposit of 1,500 euro and get 10% from 10Bet.


Placing a bet is almost as simple as choosing the event, picking your option out of the plethora at your disposal and then simply clicking on the one that you want to place a bet on. Each option you pick is added to a betting slip on the right side of the screen. You can make one bet at a time, combine the bets or simply stack them up before filling in the details later.

As always, you will see the regular stats of winnings against the bets you place, if you were right in all of them. The betting process is, pretty much, standardized today. Almost all the top sportsbooks follow the same format when it comes to betting slips. The difference, if any, lies in the way the animation works. For 10Bet however, the standard simplicity and efficiency applies and you will have no trouble in getting your bets through.


10Bet has a huge market for football, being a major provider based in Europe. However, they are not just limited to one sport. While offering their services for a number of the standard markets, such as basketball, cricket, tennis, swimming and so forth, 10Bet is also known to venture into a few lesser-known areas such as Futsal, Beach Volleyball and so on.

That said, 10Bet has steered clear of some unconventional categories like politics or martial arts, something that you may find with other sportsbooks.


For 10Bet, the best part of the deal comes here. The odds they offer are exceptional and especially their Asian Handicaps on football. There are few bookmakers who provide such high odds. Their odds are not just good; they are up very quickly as well, making them one of the best odd-creators in the world.

10Bet also offers a special category known as “Mixed Games”. In football, 10Bet tends to pair up teams that are playing on the same day but are not part of the same league or country even. They end up making some terrific pairings in this format and the options for betting are greatly enhanced.

Customer Attention

10Bet has recently started their live-chat assistance, vastly improving their services. However, the best way to talk to them is writing to them over email. They are still a little “off”, when it comes to customer service.

While replies are on time, i.e. within 24 hours, you may often find them quite useless or unclear. This makes you wonder if they really understood the question or not.


10Bet is one of the topmost names in the world of sportsbooks solely on the basis of the odds it offers. There are just more than enough reasons to go ahead with 10Bet if you are looking for a good payout in terms of making an earning.

However, where they have done well with their odds, there is little or no customer support and even when there is, it is quite inadequate. If you are a seasoned better, you may find 10Bet’s low betting limits quite limiting. However, that makes it ideal for those just starting off. Those who are seasoned in this arena do not hesitate from taking advantage of 10Bet’s awesome odds.

There is no doubt that 10Bet is one of the leading bookmakers in the world today and their position can only get better if they start paying attention to their customer service.

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