Unibet is an online gambling company that offers online poker, online casino, scratch cards, sports betting, live betting, bingo and soft games. The company is headquartered in Malta and owned by the Nordic OMX listed public company Unibet Group plc. The companys turnover in 2008 was GBP 123.4 million.

Unibet is one of the largest online gambling operators in the European market with over 3.1 million customers worldwide. Unibet Group plc is a Malta-based online gambling and betting company. Together with the Nordic region, Belgium, Netherlands and France also constitute their key markets.

Through their website and other platforms (including mobile phones and digital TV) Unibet offers various products associated with online gambling such as sport odds, live betting, supertoto, various casino-games (roulette, black jack, Caribbean stud, etc), poker and bingo.


Unibet Open

The Unibet Open (UO) is a Series of Live Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments in Europe, run by Unibet. The first UO took place in Warsaw during the second half of 2007 and the tour then continued during 2008 with events in Madrid, Milan and Warsaw again. 2009 saw the Unibet Open become one of the most popular and well-known poker tours in Europe with tournaments in Budapest, Algarve, London, Prague and Warsaw.

Website www.unibet.com
Established 1997
Licensed in Malta Malta

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