Established in 1974, Bet365 has become one of the largest bookmakers in the world and is also the 16th largest company in the United Kingdom. Known for their prowess in European football, Bet365 have risen to great heights in the Internet and telephone betting industry across the world. Known for its excellent service, Bet365 has regularly received high marks from reviews across the online community.

Basic Overview

Bet365 began with the intention of providing telephone betting options to customers from around Europe and the world. This UK based company is known for an excellent network which provides state of the art service to customers using the latest Internet and telephone technology.

The company offers its services in 27 currencies while serving over 2 million active customers from more than 140 countries. With offerings in over 17 languages, Bet365 certainly is one of the most popular online and telephone bookmakers in the world.

Joining Bet365 as a member is as easy as filling in a form and confirming your email address. The form has 4 basic steps that takes all the necessary information and preferences as well such as your timezone, your preference of the way bets are displayed (i.e. fractions, decimals, etc.) and so on.

Claim Bonus 18+ only. T&C apply.
Established 2001
Licensed in England England

Placing bets on Bet365 is quite a simple process even to those who are new to the betting scene. A single wallet system means that users do not need separate accounts for poker, casino and betting money. Simply select one out of the many odds that are on display for each sporting event and on the right side of the screen, a simple window opens up where the user can type in the bet amount and see the winnings on the right. As you type, the winning’s amount changes in real time.

Users can choose between a standard betting slip or a bankers’ betting slip as well. If one more odd is picked to bet on, then the window expands vertically to include the next bet below the first, and so on. At any time, cancelling a bet is as simple as clicking on the cross to close that smaller window within the betting slip. An option to place multiple bets is placed within the window, right under the single bets that are placed.

Overall, an extremely simplified system for placing bets makes Bet365 extremely easy to use.

Restricted Countries

Belgium, France, Israel, Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, USA, Afghanistan, American Samoa, Angola, Burundi, Cambodia, Chad, Chinese Taipei, Congo Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Martinique, Monaco, Myanmar, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, US Virgin Islands, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

image_tag Bonuses and Promos

Each time a new customer registers with the company, s/he is provided with a bonus of up to 200 GBP/euros as a free bet as a registration bonus. This bonus is also subjected where the user is located with UK-based customers getting up to 200 GBP. Bet365 Casinos offer a bonus of up to GBP 100 while poker allows a 100% match bonus.

Payment & Withdrawal Options

Deposit methods:

It’s location-dependent with some options unavailable to particular countries. For UK users, the following options are available:

MasterCard, Maestro or Visa debit/credit/prepaid cards with a minimum deposit of £10 & maximum of £30,000. Skrill and Skrill 1-Tap are available with a minimum deposit of £10 and maximum of £13,000. Neteller with a £20 minimum, £20,000 maximum. uKash deposits with £1 minimum, £1500 maximum. PaySafe Card with £10 minimum, £1250 maximum. EntroPay with £20 minimum, £30,000 maximum.

Cheque deposits are also allowed with£1500 as minimum and £30,000 as maximum. Bank transfers with £50 minimum, £600,000 maximum but the aforementioned two methods can take a few days to process.

Withdrawal methods:

Neteller offers the fastest way to withdraw the money with a minimum withdrawal of £20 and a maximum of £20,000. Skrill is another option with a minimum of £10, maximum of £13,000 EntroPay with a minimum of £75, maximum of £30,000 uKash with a minimum of £10, maximum of £300.

24 hour processing time & no processing fees.

Back to card is available for Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. This will take 72 business hours. Minimum payout of £20, maximum of £30,000.

Cheque payment is available as well with minimum of £1500, maximum of £30,000.Bankwire with minimum of £60 min & maximum of £50,000.

These last two methods could take a few days.

Customer Support

Bet365’s customer service is right out of the top draw. It is available 24x7 over phone and mail, ensuring that there is no distance between the company and its clientele.


One of the best in the world. Bet365 is available in 18 languages and also offers the option of depositing and withdrawing money in over 27 currencies from around the world. This makes Bet365 an extremely popular option, one that has seen it win over six million active customers.

Live Betting

Available for all sports.

Mobile Betting

One of the best in the business.


Bet365 caters to almost every sport and event held around the world. Dealing in political and television events is also one of the special offers of Bet365 and also offers a live betting console that could do better. Their wide range of sports allow them to serve over 2 million customers around the world, making them one of the topmost bookmakers on the list.

The odds presented by Bet365 are considered extremely good in almost all betting circles. The company is known for offering excellent odds even for the most obscure events. This level of setting the odds is relatively unmatched in the industry except by a few other major players.

Bet365 License Information

Bet365’s gaming license has been obtained from the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, Gambling Division, a government arm that was started way back in 1998 to regulate the gaming industry. It’s reputation is one of the top draws.


Bet365 is widely considered as one of the best book makers out there today, and for good reason. The company has established an extremely strong presence on the Internet, making itself one of the most popular websites with an eye-pleasing design and wonderful attention to the finer details. Offering a number of incredible bonuses all round the year, and not just for new customers, makes Bet365 different from most bookmakers while there are a lot of praises flying around for their excellent response time to customers.

Extremely honest they may be, but there is a small drawback in terms of their bonuses and offers. Bet365 has a separate set of promotions for the UK and a different set for the rest of the world, making things a little confusing. However, that is just a small drawback compared to a number of other plus points that rally together to make Bet365 one of the most popular and rapidly growing sportsbooks in the world.

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