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Bet-At-Home (BAH) is an Austrian sportsbook that was formed in 1999. Since then, BAH has spent a number of years in establishing itself as one of the topmost sportsbooks in the world. With over 1.1 million customers across the world, there is no doubt that BAH is one of the topmost bookmakers around, today.

A company that is known to take care of customers BAH could easily be the best in terms of customer service today. While also offering online casino and poker games alongside their sportsbook, BAH has a wide range of services and huge array of markets that make it extremely popular.


The overall look and feel of the BAH website is that of simplicity. The sports are all listed on the left while all the information, including the major sporting events, are listed down the centre. The right hand side of the website is left for the betting slip while under it, you can see all the live bets that are going on out there.

The website’s colours are quite basic & dull; it has the look of old-age about it. It somehow gives a feeling of an old company that is struggling to cope with the technological advances and design influences of modern-day sportsbooks. However, that takes nothing away from an, otherwise, exceptional experience in placing bets and receiving money.

Established 1999
Licensed in Austria Austria


Again, a process that is completely simple and in-tune with the needs of simplicity. The registration process is simple and points the user towards what is more important to them – betting. The whole thing is aimed at getting the “less important” things out of the way first, before going on to the more fun aspects of the website.



BAH offers a 50% bonus on the initial deposit. The amount they provide, as a bonus, is capped at 22 Euro, meaning you can only avail the maximum bonus amount if you deposit 44 Euro. Anything above that and the bonus amount remains constant.


At BAH, the betting process is quite simple, albeit a bit bent towards the olden times. With a host of markets and matches, from a number of countries & tournaments, available at your disposal, you are sure to find enough options to bet on.

The betting process is quite simple and simply requires you to click on the odd you want. Once you click on it, the option gets added to your betting slip. Basically, you can add in as many bets as you want, to your betting slip, before putting your stakes in.

The betting process on Bet-at-Home is quite convenient, in many ways. First, you can choose any number of betting options from a series of checkboxes placed above the main display area. Unlike some other websites that automatically refresh once you pick a box, BAH allows you to select/de-select as many options as you would like. Once you are done, simply click on the “display” button and your betting options will be shown.

Once on your betting slip, you can simply choose to not bet on a particular choice by un-checking it on the left-hand side of the betting details on the betting slip itself. Un-checking it doesn’t remove it from the list, but simply doesn’t add the stake to your total being displayed there. If you want to remove the item from your betting slip, altogether, you need to click on the “cross” on the right side of your betting option.

The best part of Bet-At-Home is that if you win on your bet, your account is credited in really quick time. They do not delay payouts and are certainly amongst the best in the business, when it comes to payouts.


The odds, on Bet-At-Home are not just good enough to make you want to bet, they are extremely competitive with some of the biggest names in the business. While they are not completely as competitive as someone like 188bet, the odds on offer are quite impressive.


In terms of customer support, there are hardly any sportsbooks that can rival Bet-At-Home. They are fast, efficient and hardly make a mistake when it comes to solving customer issues and queries. The staff is knowledgeable and extremely polite, ensuring that you get world class service. BAH are also quick in dispersing payments and this, along with their superb customer service, makes them one of the biggest names in the industry today.


Bet-At-Home are an old horse in the sportsbook industry. There is little doubt that they are one of the topmost companies out there simply because of their number of users and the huge market they have on offer. A trusted name in the world of betting, you can blindly go forth and place your bet with BAH.

There is a great emphasis on security as well as on the support provided to customers. This means that while you cannot choose your username, you can be sure that no one else will ever know of it from the company’s side. An extremely safe option to bet on, Bet-At-Home are truly a world leader today.

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