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188bet is one of the most upcoming sportsbooks out there today. Having just gone online in 2006, 188bet has already toppled some older and more famous players in the race to becoming the topmost sportsbook in the world.

With an incredible 400 markets to bet on and an average of 3,000 live or in-play bets a month, 188bet is surely amongst the topmost bookmakers in the world. With some really competitive odds, 188bet is fast becoming a threat to the top names in the sportsbooks’ world.


On the whole, the 188bet website is simple and easy to understand, as websites should be. The navigation is intuitive and there is little doubt that you will find what you are looking for. The colours are a little dull and the website lacks the flamboyance of some of their bigger competitors, but if you look beyond the physical appearance, you will find it nice and exciting.

The whole website is quite simple and the emphasis is clearly on what has to be done on it, rather than the overall experience for the user. That said, the experience isn’t quite all that bad. The website does its job well and that is, pretty much, what we want of it. Associated with some of the topmost names in the English Premier League, including Chelsea and Aston Villa, 188bet is surely a rising star amongst sportsbooks.

Website www.188bet.com
Established 2006
Licensed in Isle of Man


Again, like most other top sportsbooks, the registration process just involves a small form that asks for basic personal details. Fill it out and you are in! The best part of the form is that it opens out on a separate window, over and above the page you were on. That means that you never leave the page where you were.



When you open a new account with 188bet, you get a 25 pound bonus with your first deposit. Of course, as a new member, you will need to match that amount with what you deposit initially. So, effectively, 188bet offers a 100% cash-back on your first deposit, upto 25 pounds.


Placing a bet is simple and straightforward. You can choose from the plethora of popular and upcoming games or races, depending on the category you pick. Once you have the game, you get a list of all the betting options under it. And there are plenty for you to pick from.

Once you have your option selected, the betting slip opens up on the right, showing you your winnings and bet details. The only issue with 188bet is that once you pick a category, you have to fill in your stake and place a bet before you can go ahead and choose another category.

The best part about betting on 188bet is that you can easily find the best odds from the entire market, in a jiffy. It is quite easy to search for odds on the website whether according to the sport or according to the game or even within a match.


188bet is one of the biggest sportsbooks in terms of the markets it caters to. From basketball and baseball to beach football and water polo, everything is covered by the 188bet store. In fact, you get over 400 markets or leagues in just their football segment. You also get some extremely unusual ones like beauty pageants and political elections.

There are over 3000 live bets per month and a major emphasis is on the football market at all times, evident from their general home page that serves everyone.


188bet is one of the biggest players today solely due to this aspect of their betting scenario. They offer almost 20% higher winnings as compared to other bookmakers and are said to be amongst the best in the world in terms of the odds they set.

They are not just better than their competition, they are said to have really small margins that lead more customers to their website.


Available in 5 different languages, 188bet caters to a large Asian following as well. With a host of payment options including all credit cards, bank wire transfers as well as online wallets such as Moneybookers and NETeller, 188bet is quite high on the customer convenience list.

A 24x7 support crew available through phone and email are also on hand to help in case you choose to fax or chat with them live. Overall, the response is good and the staff seems aware of their services and is capable of helping even the newest entrant to the world of betting.


They are one of the fastest growing bookmakers in the world today and with good reason. 188bet is making a major difference in the world of bookmaking with the impressive odds that it sets for its customers. The 20% advantage over booking exchanges is impressive and even more so considering how young 188bet is.

For those from Asian countries or just those who follow football, there is more than enough for people to choose from, on 188bet. It is unlikely that you will find anyone offering more markets, especially in football, than the 400 on offer at 188bet. All in all, 188bet has a good setup and is likely to catch up quickly with the bigger players in a few years time.

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