What is the Premier League?

The Premier League, also known as the English Premier League, is the top-tier football league in the English football system. There are 20 Premier League teams or football clubs. The Premier League season runs from August to May.

Each team in this football league plays 38 Premier League matches and Premier League games in an attempt to win the Premier League title and the Premier League trophy. Many teams that play in the English premier league also play in the UEFA Champions League. This includes football clubs like Manchester United.

There are a number of league cups including domestic cups like the FA Cup and the FA Community Shield.


How to bet on the Premier League?

You can bet on the Premier League via a betting shop or an online betting platform like a betting site or a mobile betting app.

There are many different Premier League betting markets out there and punters can choose to be in Premier League outright markets. You can also do specific bet types like forecast bets on which teams you think will place and in which positions.

You can also place full cover bets or bets that cater to certain teams like betting on whether or not the Manchester United winning record will stay. Or someone is going to beat Alan Shearer’s top goalscorer record or have more appearance than Garreth Barry.

Betting on the Premier League Online

Placing a Premier League bet online has grown in popularity over the past few years, the same with other sports betting markets.

Why do Punters Bet Online?

The main reason for this is the ease with which you can place bets. You don’t need to go to a sports betting shop in order to place your Premier League bet. All you have to do is log in to your account.

Different Bet Types

There are also a wide number of bet types available to punters. They range from single bets to multiple bets and more complicated bets like full cover bets.


Premier League Betting Tips

Below we’ve listed some of our favorite Premier League betting tips to help you get a better hang betting on the Premier League.

Get to Know Your Teams

You don’t necessarily have to have an in-depth knowledge of each of the teams in the Premier League. But it does help to familiarize yourself with your favorite teams.

For example, Manchester United is one of the most popular teams in the Premier League and they have also won the most championships. If you are a Manchester United fan, then try and follow them as much as possible. That way you have an idea of how they are likely to perform.

Find the Best Odds

This is a tip not just for Premier League betting but also for betting on any other sports. Pay attention to what the odds are before you place your bets. Shop around different online premier league betting markets and betting sites to find which offer the best odds.

Football odds and Premier League betting odds can fluctuate before the game and even during. That is why it is a good idea to place your bets as close to the start of the game as possible. You can also look into fixed-odds if that works for you.

The Premier League’s matches can also be bet on betting exchange platforms. These tend to have better Premier League odds than regular betting sites.

Try In-Play Betting

Another great tip is to try in-play betting. If you have not tried it before, go for it.

It’s a lot of fun and if you are betting from a betting shop or betting site that is live streaming the matches, the energy in those rooms is one of a kind. In-play betting can also have better odds on offer.

Betting FAQ

  • Is gambling in the UK Legal?

    Yes. Gambling in Great Britain and the United Kingdom is legal and it is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. When choosing a betting site or betting shop, be sure to go for one that is UGC registered like BetFair or William Hill. In addition to gambling being legal in the UK, it is also tax-free. You don't have to pay any income tax on any of the winnings you make from gambling. In the same vein, you will also be unable to deduct any of your losses from your income tax reports.

  • How do I find the best teams to bet on?

    There are many great teams in the Premier League. It is not just limited to Manchester United or Manchester City. There are 20 teams in the league. If you are new to betting on the Premier League, choose a team with a great track record. Or teams that have the most following. You can also check reviews and predictions by sports experts and pundits.

  • Can you use free bets for Premier League betting?

    Yes. Your free bets that are credited to your account number by the sports betting site are available for you to use at any time. As long as it is not expired or as long as there are no special limitations placed on it. You can even place your first bet sports betting bet using a free bet. The main difference between a free bet and a real money bet is that if you end up with a qualifying bet settlement from a free bet placed, it may have to be subjected to wagering requirements. This is when you have to bet your winnings a few more times before you can withdraw it as real money.