What is Pools Betting?

Pool betting, or pools betting, is a betting market where punters place a bet towards a specific outcome by paying a fixed price. If that outcome should become successful, the winnings will be divided equally among all bettors.

Pool betting is also known as syndicate betting, sports pool, sweep, etc.

It can be done officially via a sports betting shop or pool betting sites like Betfair Pools Betting or The Football Pools Limited. It can also be done unsanctioned like in offices or friend groups.

Is Pool Betting Popular in the UK?

Yes, it is. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the small stakes you need in order to place bets.

It is popular when done in sports betting sites and betting shops, but at the same time, it is also popular in unsanctioned events like in offices and among friend groups.

One of the most popular pools betting examples in the UK is the lottery. It is perhaps the biggest pools betting structure in the country and most countries across the world.

How to Pool Bet?

Betting pools is easy enough. You’ve probably already done it without expressly knowing that you’ve been on with a pool bet. One of the most popular examples of pool betting is the lottery.

With the lottery, every bettor’s bet is pooled together and the winner is given the pot, minus commissions from the managing bodies.

Now, when it comes to sports or other betting markets, you can pools bet officially by going to a betting shop or logging on to the betting site that caters to this.

Placing bets is as easy as logging in or visiting a betting shop, placing your bet, and waiting for the results. Your stakes won’t be subject to odds like with regular bookmaking.

How much you win depends on how many people place a bet.

Where to Bet on Pools Online?

Many online betting sites offer pool betting to their clients.

Examples of pool betting sites in the United Kingdom include Quinnbet, Betfair Pool betting, William Hill, and Betfred. There are many more sites in the UK that offer pools.

And with quick research, you should be able to find a good pool betting site that will suit your need.

You will notice that these sites are not just exclusively pools casino or casinos, many of them also cater to the more traditional sportsbooks and sports bet markets. If you want to explore something more than just pools betting, these sites can help you with that.

The Best Pools Odds, is there Such a Thing?

The thing about pools betting is that unlike a traditional sports bet made with traditional sportsbooks, it is not subject to odds.

When you bet pools, you don’t have to think about concepts like minimum odds, fixed odds betting, single or accumulated odds, etc. You just have to think about the bet wagers.

There are no odds because the amount of winning is going to depend on how many punters placed a bet and how many people win.

If there are more people on the losing side than there are on the winning side, the bet settles higher. If there are fewer people on the losing side than there are on the winning side, the bet settles lower.

Betting FAQ

  • Can free bets be used for pools betting?

    Yes, they can if you are betting on a betting site. As long as your free bets are valid on the site, then you can go ahead and place them as a pools bet. Free bets come in many forms. You can get free bets credited to your account after you sign up. This is known as the welcome bonus. You can also be given a free bet after your first bet settlement or after you place your first cash bet. The only difference between free bets and cash bets is that most free bets will be subjected to regulation and may also be subject to wagering requirements.

  • Is pools betting in the UK legal?

    Yes. Gambling in the United Kingdom is legal and it is regulated in Great Britain and the rest of the United Kingdom by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that all forms of gambling and betting, including sports betting or horse racing betting are regulated and you can participate in it legally. For your own safety, make sure that the pools betting site you choose is registered with the UGC. In addition to it being legal, gambling in the UK is also tax-free. This means that all your winnings from any bet settlement made while pools betting on registered pools betting site is not going to be subject to income tax. The rules may be different from an unregulated office pool betting event.

  • How to withdraw your pools winnings?

    Withdrawing your pools winnings is the same process as withdrawing winnings from any other sports betting site or betting shop. Just present your bet ticket for your qualifying bet and either get cash, if you betting with a betting shop, or have the money credited to your account number if you are betting via a betting site. A betting shop can also credit your money into a bank account or third-party payment methods of your choosing. Keep in mind, that verification of these accounts may be necessary. Some sites and shops take longer with the verification process than others. If you have not set up your betting account yet, do it as quickly as you can to avoid any delays with the withdrawals of your qualifying bet settlements.