What Are Odds and Bet Calculators?

Betting FAQ

  • Can You Use Betting Calculators to Calculate Winnings from a Free Bet?

    Absolutely. Calculating the potential return of a winning bet from a free bet is the same as doing so with a real money bet. You can use your bookmaker bonuses, welcome bonus, promo-free bets, deposit bonus, and more. These are offered to new customers and sports bookmakers encourage customers to use these.

  • Where to Find a Free Bet Calculator?

    A quick Google search will generate a number of top results for free odds calculators. You can also check out recommendations from bloggers or professionals.

  • What if Your Bet Calculator Does Not Support Your Preferred Format for Odds?

    Don't worry if it does not support your odds format of choice. You can always just convert them. You can do this by hand or you can also look for converters online that will allow you to easily convert decimal odds to fractional odds or American or Moneyline Odds.

  • Are Bet Calculators Accurate?

    In most cases yes. But it is recommended to use a bet calculator as close to the time of the event you are betting as possible. This will help the calculation of the total profit be more accurate. But if you are betting with fixed odds, then a bet calculator should be able to calculate your winning returns with accuracy.