What Are Odds and Bet Calculators?

Odds Calculators and Bet Calculators are the same. They are also known as returns calculators or betting calculators. This is software that is designed to help punters calculate the potential winnings or returns of a bet they placed.

Most bet calculators are web-based. Some sports bookmakers offer punters their free bet calculator on their website. You can also find bet calculators online. There is a wide array of bet calculators available that can be used to calculate the odds for both standard and complex bets.

Most bookmakers may also be able to refer you to a reliable bet calculator.

Why Do You Need an Odds Calculator?

The main reason: Ease.

It is easier for bettors to use a bet calculator to accurately calculate the potential winnings on any stake they make. This is especially true if you are betting with a more complex bet type such as full cover bets or a Yankee Bet, Super Heinz, and a Trixie Bet.

The higher your number of selections, the more complicated it may be to compute your possible total return, and the better for you to have handy tools like a bet calculator.

Having an odds calculator handy beats trying to figure it out yourself.

In most cases, you don’t even have to pay to use one. You can find a reliable free betting calculator online with just a quick Google search. You can for example try the free online calculators at WSN and SportsLine.

Odds Calculators

How to Use a Bet Calculator

This is fairly straightforward.

For simple bets, a win bet or a single bet, all you have to do is enter the details of your stake and the odds, hit the calculate button, and let the calculator do the job for you. You’ll get your potential total return in almost no time.

It doesn’t even matter what odds format you are using, be it decimal odds, money line odds, or fractional odds format.

If you find that your bet calculator of choice is using different formats for the odds that you have, you can just convert the odds. You can do this yourself or you can look for an odds converter online as well.

Now, if your bets are more complex than simple, then you may need to look for a betting calculator that supports this.

Simple vs. Complex Betting Calculator

Not all bet types are created equal. As we mentioned, it can either be single or complex. The betting odds can be easy to calculate manually or it can be a pain.

The type of bet that a betting calculator supports varies from calculator tool to calculator tool. Some may only support single bets without any complicated bet details. Others will be able to take on the more complex and multiple bets.

The type of bet calculator you use will be entirely dependent on your needs. More complex bet calculators can calculate the returns of your initial stake for bet types like the Round Robin, Union Jack, Trixie Bet, Patent bet, and more.

Odds Calculators

Can You Use a Bet Calculator for Sports Betting?

Yes. It is mostly used for sports betting. From football to cricket to tennis and basketball. It is also more popularly used for horse racing bets.

Horse racing bets can be complicated and complex. You can have full cover bets, Round Robins, Union Jacks, and whatever else you can think of.

All you have to do is to choose your type of bet, enter the odds, and let the calculator do the job for you.

Betting FAQ

  • Can You Use Betting Calculators to Calculate Winnings from a Free Bet?

    Absolutely. Calculating the potential return of a winning bet from a free bet is the same as doing so with a real money bet. You can use your bookmaker bonuses, welcome bonus, promo-free bets, deposit bonus, and more. These are offered to new customers and sports bookmakers encourage customers to use these.

  • Where to Find a Free Bet Calculator?

    A quick Google search will generate a number of top results for free odds calculators. You can also check out recommendations from bloggers or professionals.

  • What if Your Bet Calculator Does Not Support Your Preferred Format for Odds?

    Don't worry if it does not support your odds format of choice. You can always just convert them. You can do this by hand or you can also look for converters online that will allow you to easily convert decimal odds to fractional odds or American or Moneyline Odds.

  • Are Bet Calculators Accurate?

    In most cases yes. But it is recommended to use a bet calculator as close to the time of the event you are betting as possible. This will help the calculation of the total profit be more accurate. But if you are betting with fixed odds, then a bet calculator should be able to calculate your winning returns with accuracy.