What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a betting technique that makes use of the free bets that are offered by online bookmakers as welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, the first bet wins bonuses, and more of the same.

It is called a Matched Bet or Matched Betting because you will be matching your bets and betting against yourself to make sure you make money.


Common Terminologies

Before we go further into how matched betting works, let us first take a look at some of the most common terminologies used in matched betting.

Back Bet

A back bet is a bet that you place, betting that a team, horse, car, or person will win an event.

Lay Bet / Lay Odds

A lay bet is a bet that is placed, betting that the team, horse, car, or person will lose.

Betting Exchange

Betting exchanges are platforms that bettors can use to bet against each other instead of a bookmaker or a betting site. In regular sports betting and bookmaker sites and shops, you can only place a back bet.

A betting exchange allows you to play a lay bet. Most betting exchanges can also offer better odds to their clients because you are not betting against the bookmaker. Instead, customers are betting against themselves.

When you use a betting exchange for matched betting, you can have higher matched betting odds.

Free Bets

Free bets are as their name suggests bets that are given to clients. They can be given through the welcome bonus or via a stand-alone free bet offer.

Free bets are used in betting exchanges as a way of making a profit without putting in your own real money.

Qualifying Bet

A qualifying bet is a bet that is qualified for money return after it wins. It is a winning bet that you win money from.

How Matched Betting Works?

To do matched betting, you will need an account with two or more bookmakers or betting sites. One of these could be a betting exchange site.

The first step is to use a free bet to place a back bet on one betting site. Then go to another betting site or a betting exchange and place a lay bet on the same event.

The result is, no matter the outcome of the event, you will be releasing the free bets offered by the betting sites. You can then use the free bets to make more back and lay bets.

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Yes. It is completely legal. Sports betting sites do not restrict their users from making bets using their free bets.

It is important to remember though that for most betting websites, any profit from the free bets will have to be subjected to wagering requirements. But if you keep up with the matched betting work, you should be able to meet the requirements in no time.

Is Matched Betting Tax-Free?

If you are a UK resident, the answer is yes.

All profits from gambling, even if that is profit from the free bets given to you are tax-free. Your winnings will not be taxed by the UK government.

Betting FAQ

  • Do you Use Your Own Money Matched Betting?

    Technically No. You just make use of the free bets and welcome bonuses that are offered up by the websites. You may have to place an initial bet deposit to get the deposit offer, but you still don't have to spend your own money online betting.

  • Is Matched Betting Risk-Free? Can You Lose Money?

    Matched betting has been designed to be risk-free. You make money with a risk-free bet by betting the free bets that online bookmakers offer you. Your own money need not ever enter be staked or used when you start matched betting. Can you lose money? If you are not careful, then yes, maybe. Especially if you do not pay attention to the betting odds or the minimum odds and maximum odds for every bet. Then you can lose money. But if you do not place bets using your own money, then you don't lose money when match betting.

  • Do Online Bookmakers Have an Issue With Matched Betting?

    It appears that they don't. Most do not have an issue with their new customers using their free bets to make money. Bookmakers like William Hill have stated that they do not have any issues with bet matching or with their customers using their free bet offers to make money.

  • Can You Make a Living on Matched Betting Profits?

    If the success of some other matched bettors and experienced matched bettors out there is to be considered, then the answer is Yes. You may be able to make a profit from the free bets offered and make a living match betting. Of course, it will take time and a bit of math but as long as you keep a careful eye on your matched betting activity, you could start making more profit than if you held down a regular job. How much profit you can make from match betting will depend on how much time you spend with it and how careful you are with the odds.

  • How Can Bookmakers Make a Profit With Match Betting?

    Does matched betting affect the profit margins of the casinos? Likely not dramatically. The bookmaker account will still make money with every bet you make. They especially make money when you lose. In a betting exchange, the bookmaker makes money because they charge a small commission for every bet made. This is likely why matched betting is legal in the betting industry. Bookmakers will still make money with your first matched bet that you made with the bookmaker sign-up offers or free bet offers.