What is the Eurovision?

Betting FAQ

  • Can you use free bets to bet on the Eurovision Song competition?

    Yes, you can. Free bets can be used on betting sites and are considered as valid as real money bets. The only difference between real money bet stakes and free bet stakes is that any winnings from free bets will be subjected to wagering requirements. Like free money bets, any winnings you make on your free bets will remain tax-free in the United Kingdom.

  • Can you bet on the contest on a betting exchange platform?

    Yes. Bet exchanges cater to all sorts of events, including the Eurovision Song Contest. An advantage for punters using bet exchange platforms is that these betting markets usually offer better Eurovision odds.

  • How will you know which country has the best chance of winning?

    You won't really know this until the competition is going. The best way to go about this is to follow predictions closely and to follow the flow of the contest itself. Start by checking out which teams have made it to the semi-finals.

  • How to place your bet?

    You can place your bet online or via an online betting site. You start by creating an account and then placing your bet.

  • Do famous artists join the Eurovision contest?

    It's not often seen but countries do sometimes send famous artists to represent them. An example of this is Switzerland. They sent Celine Dion, a Canadian, to represent the county at the 1989 event. Other famous artists who have participated in the Eurovision song competition include Bonnie Tyler, Engelbert Humperdink, and the boyband Blue. This is uncommon, however, because may feel that it goes against the idea of voting for the song as many voters would instead just vote for the famous singer.