What is Race Car Betting?

Betting FAQ

  • Do you only get money if the motor car you bet on wins?

    If you bet with a single bet on a single car or for an outright winner, then yes, you will only get money if your bet wins. If you're betting with more complicated bets, like full cover bets, Yankee bets, you will still get some payout even if your predictions or bets don't come through.

  • Can you place a bet with a free bet?

    Yes. Free bets are legal. Bookmakers like William Hill have stated that they do not have an issue with punters using free bets credited. Even if the punters use free bets with matched betting. Remember though that any qualifying bet settlement from bets that were made with free bets paid to your account or free bet stakes may be subject to wagering requirements.

  • Is motor racing betting popular in the UK?

    Yes, it is. Car racing betting is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the UK. Online bookmakers allow their punters to bet on auto racing. Other betting markets are popular too, this includes horse racing betting.

  • Is car racing betting legal in the UK?

    Yes, it is. Gambling is legal in the UK, this includes sports betting like car racing betting. In addition to that, any winnings you may have from gambling are tax-free.