What is Race Car Betting?

Car race betting is, as its name suggests, the act of betting on car races.

Punters bet on car races of all sorts. Be it Formula One racing, NASCAR races, the NASCAR Cup series, motor racing, stock car racing, etc. Bets can be placed on who wins, on who makes it to the top 10, on the possible pole position, on who makes the fastest lap, etc.

Betting on all sorts of sports and events is popular in Great Britain and the rest of the United Kingdom because gambling is not only legal, it’s also tax-free. Betting on car races is one of the more popular ones.

Other popular betting markets include football, horse racing, tennis, and cricket. Brits also seem to enjoy betting on politics too,


How Does Motor Racing Betting Work?

It’s fairly simple. You just have to place a bet on a betting site or a betting shop, get your bet slip, wait for the results, and if you happen to win, cash in your qualifying bet.

You can go to a betting shop and book directly from the bookmakers or you can bet from anywhere with internet access using online betting sites or a betting app. Aside from lacking a physical bet slip when you bet on a betting site, the process for both is roughly the same.

You can bet before a race or you can also do in-play betting.

F1 Betting

As the name suggests, F1 betting is all about placing bets on races in the Formula 1 championship.

The F1 season consists of a number of races, held at different tracks around the world.

Fans of the sport can place bets on any of these races, using a variety of different bet types.

The most popular bet type is the outright winner bet, where you simply pick the driver that you think will win the race.

However, there are also many other bet types available, such as bets on which driver will finish in the top 3, or on the qualifying times of specific drivers.

Where Can You Bet on Car Racing?

You can either bet via a betting shop or you can bet online through betting sites.

Betting Shops

The traditional option is betting via the betting shop. Find a local one near you, create an account with them, and start betting.

Most betting shops cater to a wide range of betting markets, including a wide range of car racing betting.

Betting Online

Gambling in the UK is legal and gambling sites are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. UK gambling sites cater to UK punters. Any winnings or profits from gambling are also tax-free in the UK.

Motorsports betting sites act the same way as betting shops. You will still have to create an account before you can start betting. There are many online betting sites out there and with a quick online search, you can find the best motorsports betting sites or the best online bookmakers.

Car Racing Betting Tips

Car racing is already a fun and exciting sport, car racing betting only makes it even more so. Below we have compiled some car racing betting tips to help you make the most of your bets.

Bet As Close to the Time of the Race as Possible

This has to do with odds. If you bet with fixed odds, that’s one thing. But odds tend to change. So, in order to have more accurate odds, it is advisable that you bet as close to the time of the race as possible.

This way, you won’t get sidelined by any last-minute changes that may occur, for example, certain drivers or cars may have to be pulled out of races.

Shop Around for the Best Odds

Not all betting sites or sports bookmakers are created equal. Some will have better odds than others. Shop around for sites that offer you the best racing odds. If you are betting on NASCAR, look for shops that have the best NASCAR betting odds.

Check the min odds offered by online betting sites. Consider betting exchanges too. Bet exchanges are known for offering better odds.


Give In-Play Betting a Go

Races are very fluid. You may start a car race with a good idea of who your favorite drivers are and who is likely to win. But, a crash or a certain variable can change things dramatically.

In-play betting can be very exciting and full of energy. Especially if you are betting live with other people around you, as you would in betting shops.

Just try and keep a clear head when you are in-play betting. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

Follow Car Racing News

You can bet on car racing even if you don’t know that much about the technicalities of racing, be it for NASCAR cars, stock cars, formula one cars, etc. But it does help if you follow the most recent news about the race.

This could include any news about the health of your favorite drivers, recent driver fails, and so on. These are important for you to follow because they can affect the outcomes of the race. Follow news too on who pundits think may win the drivers championship or the finale races.

Explore Other Betting Types

There is more to betting than just betting on the potential race winner. There is a wide range of betting types available to punters. You can go for the single bets or you can also go for the multiple and accumulator bets, also known as acca or accy bets.

You can also choose full cover bets or Yankee bets. If you follow car racing closely, you may also be able to do forecast bets.

Betting FAQ

  • Do you only get money if the motor car you bet on wins?

    If you bet with a single bet on a single car or for an outright winner, then yes, you will only get money if your bet wins. If you're betting with more complicated bets, like full cover bets, Yankee bets, you will still get some payout even if your predictions or bets don't come through.

  • Can you place a bet with a free bet?

    Yes. Free bets are legal. Bookmakers like William Hill have stated that they do not have an issue with punters using free bets credited. Even if the punters use free bets with matched betting. Remember though that any qualifying bet settlement from bets that were made with free bets paid to your account or free bet stakes may be subject to wagering requirements.

  • Is motor racing betting popular in the UK?

    Yes, it is. Car racing betting is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the UK. Online bookmakers allow their punters to bet on auto racing. Other betting markets are popular too, this includes horse racing betting.

  • Is car racing betting legal in the UK?

    Yes, it is. Gambling is legal in the UK, this includes sports betting like car racing betting. In addition to that, any winnings you may have from gambling are tax-free.