How to Avail of Betting Promotions and Welcome Offers?

For welcome bonuses, this is as easy as signing up to a betting website or a casino.

You can get 20 in free bets or you can get what is known as a “Risk-Free Bet”. This is when you make your first sports pool bet using your welcome bonus instead of your own money.

For betting promotions, they are usually offered periodically to casino customers. Just be on the lookout for a free bet sign.

What is a Welcome Offer?

Welcome offers or a welcome bonus is a customer promotion that is offered by online gambling sites.

It is also known as the sign-up bonus, these are given in order to entice new customers to sign up and create a new customer account on gambling sports betting sites.

The welcome bonus is often used as the first sports bet or the first bet by the punter.

Betting sites also rely on the idea that the first bet loses don’t sting as much if the first sports bet was made after the customer was able to claim free bets.


An example of a welcome bonus is when a betting site offers to give new customers a certain amount as a welcome bonus that they can use to make their first sports bet.

In some cases, the customer does not have to deposit their own money and just uses welcome bonus bets. The amount of welcome bonus a customer gets depends on the betting website.

Usually, it is around 50 in pounds credit or 50 in free bets. It can also go up to 100 pounds or even more.


What is a Deposit Bonus?

A deposit bonus is a credit bonus that online gambling or sports betting sites give their customers when they make their first deposit. Usually, sites will meet their client’s first deposit and that matched credit is the Deposit Bonus. This is also known as the Casino Bonus.

Gambling sites, betting sites, and online casinos usually have a cap on how much deposit bonus they’ll give their clients.


When you deposit 30 pounds, the betting site is also going to give you an additional 30 in free bets or betting credits. However, there will usually be a cap on the deposit bonus. Some websites will go up to 100 pounds in deposit bonus.

When it comes to the deposit bonus, remember that payment method exclusions apply.

What is a Bet Promotion?

A bet promotion is a promotion that is available to betting sites customers, whether they are new or not. They can be offered to clients who meet certain criteria or they can be offered during certain events like World Cups.

Bet promotions can also come in the form of free bets for existing customers and not just for those who have just signed up. Bet promotions can also come in the form of enhanced odds.

Bet promotions may also give away bonus tokens.


A good example of this is if you make 10 bets in a row, the casino is going to give you free bet stakes.

Another would bet during major sporting events when a sports bet website is offering better odds for those who chose to participate. They can also offer punters free bets or betting credits.

What is a Free Bet?

A free bet is a bet promotion offered by betting sites. It can be given as a welcome bonus or as a bet promotion. Some betting sites, for example, include free bet stakes with your winnings from real money bets.

A free bet can also be given as a bet promotion.

Do Free Bets Get Credited to Your Account Right Away?

In most instances, yes. You should find free bets credited upon qualifying with the necessary requirements of the free bet offers.

This means that, if you are promised free bet stakes or free bet bonuses after you bet a certain amount for a certain game or event at a certain period, then as long as your bet falls into those free bet requirements, the betting site will get your free bets paid.

Finding the Best Welcome Offers and Bonuses

One of the best ways to find the best betting promotions welcome offers in the UK is to shop around. Information on the welcome bonus, in particular, is easy enough to find.

Betting sites usually display this prominently.

Just look for the betting site that offers the highest welcome bonus and you should be good to go.

The same goes for the deposit bonus.

It May Not Look the Same Across the Board

Keep in mind, some betting sites and online gambling sites do not offer a welcome bonus. Instead, they offer generous deposit bonuses which can be upwards of 100 pounds.

On some sites, you may get 30 in free bets, if they have bet 10, get 10 or more bet credits to stake offers. Offers can also come in the form of a simple free bet stake.

Finding the Best Bet Promotions or Free Bets

Luckily for punters, most betting websites advertise bet promotions and free bets regularly.

If there is an option for you to be notified of any new bet promos, go ahead and sign up for notifications.

Also, look out for these during peak sports seasons to get your hands on the best free bets on offer.

You can also look for free bet clubs and follow up on their forums to be notified if a new free bet bonus has been made available. A free bet club may also be able to provide you with a list of the best free bet offers.

Are There Restrictions to Using Welcome Bonuses, Deposit Bonus, and Bet Promotions?

Yes. Full T Cs apply to welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and bet promotions.

You have to remember, it is not the equivalent of a real money bet. And if you do not use them, free bets expire. Take a look at the expiration dates of your free bet.

A free bet can have the validity of a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or it can be valid for a year or more.

There may also be restrictions as to which casino games or sports events you can bet on using your 10 casino bonus, 50 in free bets, any other deposit or bet promotion.

In some cases, only qualifying bets, usually a real money bet is accepted.

Free bets may also be subject to minimum odds. This means that a punter is restricted to using their free bets paid on min odds 1 2 or 1.5 min odds.

You usually only have a certain number of days to use up free bet stakes. You may also find that there is a maximum free bet that you are allowed to make.

T and Cs Apply and can vary from betting site to betting site.

Can You Withdraw Bonus Related Wins?

Yes. Just like you get your real money back if you win from a real money bet, you can also withdraw bonus-related wins.

But the money will likely have to be wagered first before you can withdraw it.

What is Wagering?

Wagering is when winnings from a free bet or a welcome bonus are bet a required number of times before you are allowed to withdraw bonus-related wins.

This helps casinos ensure that they profit from the winnings that you made from the free bet that they gave you.

Bets credited upon meeting the wagering requirement can then be withdrawn just like your real money deposit.

T and Cs Apply and can vary from betting site to betting site.

Bet responsibly!

Betting FAQ

  • Are Free Bets Valid for Betting?

    Yes. Free bets are valid and you can use them to bet or to play casino games. However, T and Cs apply and the free bets paid may be subject to minimum odds.

  • Can you use your Welcome Bonus or Deposit Bonus to make your first bet?

    Yes. Most betting sites and casinos allow this. That way, even if the bet doesn't go your way, your first loss will not be so heavy on your own money. It was made with a free bet after all.

  • How many days are free bet stakes valid?

    This entirely depends on the casino or betting site. For some, free bet stakes are valid for 7 days. This means that you have to use valid for 7 days free bet stakes within that period. Otherwise, it will not be forfeited. Some casinos allow their free bets to be valid for longer.

  • Where Can You Find a Free Bet Offer?

    This is usually prominently advertised on the gambling site. If the bet promotion is associated with exchange bets or is part of a bet settlement, you will be informed of its availability by the casino or the sportsbook.

  • What is a Qualifying Bet?

    A qualifying bet is a winning bet. Or a bet that qualifies for a positive return. It can also mean a bet that meets the qualifications required to be used in betting. Most of the time, real money bets placed within the necessary time frame and with the right parameters are qualifying bets.

  • What is the Difference Between a Qualifying Real Money and a Qualifying Bonus Bet or Qualifying Bonus Token?

    As the name suggests, the main difference between these two is the nature of credits used to make the bet. A qualifying real money bet is a bet that is made with your own money that has been deposited into your betting site account. The qualifying bonus token or bonus bet is a winning bet that has been placed using a casino bonus. Be it a welcome bonus token or deposit-free bets. There is also a difference in how these under qualifying bet settlements. The real money bet will get real money back almost right away. The bonus token or bonus bet may be subject to wagering.

  • What is a Bet Settlement?

    A bet settlement or a settled bet is a bet for which the bookmaker has determined the status whether it is a winning bet or a losing bet. Bet settlement usually happens within minutes after the results or an event or a game. Upon qualifying bet settlement, you should be able to withdraw your bet credits or winnings. Withdrawal to your bank account may be subject to whether or not any of your winnings need to be subjected to wagering first.

  • Can You Make Your First Sports Pool Bet with a Free Bet?

    For most betting sites, the answer is yes. You should be able to make your very first sport bet using free bet credits you are given as a welcome bonus bet, matched free bet, or even as deposit bonus bets. In some cases, free bets must be placed with certain restrictions. But it's usually just something small like min odds.

  • What Counts as Wagering?

    Most casinos and betting sites do consider this as your first qualifying bet. However, any winnings from your free bet will be subject to wagering. You will only be able to withdraw bonus-related wins after they have gone through wagering. Check your betting site's wagering terms and conditions to get a better idea.