What Are the Most Popular Payment Methods for Betting?

Betting FAQ

  • Can you bet with credit card?

    Yes. Most online betting sites will accept payment using credit cards. In addition to credit cards, most betting sites will also allow payments using debit cards and pre-paid cards. This is one of the most popular payment methods for betting sites.

  • Can you Use a debit card for online gambling?

    Yes. Most betting sites accept debit cards. They also accept credit cards and prepaid cards. If you do encounter issues with paying your online betting site account with your debit card, you can contact your bank and ask them to allow the payment. This can happen because restrictions may be more stringent on Debit Cards than they are on Credit Cards.

  • Can you bet with Crypto?

    This largely depends on the betting sites. Some betting sites do allow you to pay with Crypto but as of the moment, they are few and far between. A workaround for this, however, is to funnel your crypto funds into an e-Wallet account that your betting site of choice will work with. If your crypto wallet allows bank transfers, you can also transfer funds directly from your Crypto Wallet in your UK betting site account. Payment method exclusions apply and some casinos and betting sites may not allow the use of Crypto.

  • Can you bet with PayPal?

    Yes. Most of the top betting sites in the UK accept PayPal as a payment method.