How to Bet on the Grand National in the UK?

When it comes to Grand National betting, you will have to bet through a UK Gambling Commission registered sports bookmaker. You can go to sports betting shops or you can place a bet on the Grand National via a sports betting site.


Betting Shops

Betting shops are the most traditional way that you can bet on the Grand National.

They have been around for as long as the Grand National and horse racing itself. And even though things are done digitally now, you can still enjoy betting with your local betting shop.

If restrictions allow, you can even watch live games and participate in in-play betting at the shop itself. You can watch if your horse wins or if your racing bet loses. It may not be the same as being on the Grand National course, but it is close enough.

To start betting in betting shops, you will need to open a betting account with one. Choose a favourite or the betting shop that is nearest to you.

Betting Sites

Another option is the betting site. The UK has seen a rise in the number of UK Gambling Commission accredited online betting sites in the last few decades.

Since the internet is easier to access, more than ever, more and more punters are turning to online betting and sports bookmakers are following suit.

Placing a Grand National bet online is as easy as betting in a betting shop. It’s as simple as choosing the Grand National runners you would like to bet on.

You will still need to sign up to the website, personal details required, get your account verified, and then place a bet.

Betting websites also cater to a number of different bet types. You can also check multiple betting sites to check the different betting odds.

Choosing a Betting Site

UK residents are lucky. There are a number of locally operating, and off-shore betting sites available to them. Betting site operators, like 888 Sport, have made sure that the sites are easy enough to use, the only thing you have to do is choose what features you like best.


Betting sites offer a wide range of features. From giving punters a ton of free bets to offering multiple betting options, covering choices like a Yankee Bet, Trixie Bet, Full Cover Bet, Spread Betting, and more.

Betting Tips: If you want great odds, don’t hesitate to shop around. Betting odds are important and the better the odds you have, the better the Odds EVs will be.

Different Types of Grand National Bet Types You Can Place

Horse racing is known for the wide number of bet types you can place. Some of the more common bet options for a horse race include:

Standard Bets

Win Bets

As the name suggests, you will be placing a bet that your horse wins the race.

Place Bet

A place bet is betting that the animal you are betting on will at least place in the top 10 or the top 3 of the races.

Each Way Bet

An Each Way bet combines the win and the place bets. Usually, a bet stake is placed on both outcomes. With an each way bet, you can bet that either your horse will win or they will place.

Multiple Bets and Complex Bets

Accumulator Bet or Multiple Bets

Multiple bets are also referred to as accumulator bets. It can be as few as a double bet, a triple bet, known as a treble bet, or it can go as high as you want, known as X Fold Accumulator bets.

For multiple bets to have a return, each of the single bets placed must win. Some bookies allowed for multiple bets to have fixed odds, regardless of the value of the real odds.

These are also known as Accy bets or Acca bets. They are popular because they require lower stakes.

Spread Betting

Instead, you bet on the outcome meeting a certain criterion. For example, you will spread bet on whether the horse makes it into the top 3 or if a team makes it to the quarters.

Handicap Betting

Handicap bets are bet types that take into consideration the handicap of a contestant, team, horse, or group. Before you bet, you will be told of the handicap that the horses or riders are running with.

Common handicaps include weights on a horse in horse racing. The UK Handicap Steeplechase race is an example.

Forecast Bets

As its name suggests, you bet on a forecast of the outcome of an event. You can forecast which horses end up in which places.

Full Cover Bet

A full cover bet or full cover betting is a bet type where you bet on a wide range of selections. That way you have a higher chance of selection wins.

Withdrawing Your Winning Bets

When it comes to winning bets and qualifying bet credits and qualifying bet settlement, all you have to do is provide the online betting site with your bank details. If you are betting from a betting shop, you can withdraw your money from them directly.

Payment restrictions apply in both cases and you will have to check with the betting site or the betting shop for these.

Betting FAQ

  • Can you use free bets to bet on the Grand National?

    Yes. Any free bets paid or racing bonus that a sportsbook gives you is valid to bet on the Grand National. Free bets valid can be used as you would any real money bet. The main difference is that any winnings from free bet credits may be subject to wagering requirements.

  • Do betting sites and betting shops cater to other sports?

    Yes. Rarely is a betting shop or betting site just focused on the horse racing market. Most will cater to other popular sports like football, rugby, tennis, basketball, and more.

  • How to find the best odds?

    There are a couple of ways you can do this. You can either check betting sites that specialize in listing odds or you can check with individual sites and select the one with the best odds.

  • When is the Grand National Usually Held?

    The Grand National is usually held in April. If you want to start betting on the Grand National and getting your racing calendar in order, get ready in April.