How to Select the Best Betting Site

Betting FAQ

  • How do you select a good betting site?

    There's a variety of factors that a user may value more than others but some of the key factors can be bonuses and promotions, range of markets and sports, odds, software suitability, customer service and the ability to deposit and withdraw at your leisure. Any online UK betting site is licenced by the UK Gambling Commission and must work within their regulations, offering a level of reliability and trust.

  • What sports can you bet on?

    Largely this depends on the betting site but typically all sites will include the major sporting UK codes and most internationally. To be honest, the list of sports you cannot bet on would likely be shorter. But again this depends on the betting site, so the range of markets can be an attraction from sites over others.

  • Will you get paid your winnings?

    This is a pretty important question as it's essentially why anyone bets. But the short answer is yes, if you're using a licensed site. Some sites can be tricky when it comes to withdrawal limits but the big sites are reliable.

  • How old do you need to be?

    In the UK, the legal betting age for gambling is 18 years.

  • Can you get addicted to online betting sites?

    Like any form of gambling or betting, yes you can. The convenience of betting sites is something to be wary of and betting in moderation and purely for fun is always advised. There are helplines available if you feel you need help.

  • Can you use PayPal for online betting?

    Many bookmakers accept e-wallet payment types as well as accepting credit and debit cards from their customers. These e-wallets can include Paypal.