Best Betting Sites in Ireland

Online gambling in Ireland is a multi-million Euro a year industry. Hundreds of online betting sites are registered and allowed to operate in the country. This is a boon for Irish punters as they have a wide range of betting markets and betting sites to choose from.

What to Look for in Irish Betting Sites

Every betting site is different. But if you are looking for the best betting site, try and check if they meet any of the following:

  • Wide range of betting markets
  • Excellent betting odds
  • Live betting and in-play betting


Wide Range of Betting Markets

If you are new to online betting, consider going for a betting site that cater to a wide range of markets. This can include sites that cater to horse racing bettors, sports bettors for football, cricket, MMA, etc. This way, you can guarantee that you will be spoilt for choice.

Conversely, if you may want to go for a betting site that specialises in certain sports. There are online betting sites in Ireland that are considered experts in horse race betting. Some, for example, can offer better odds for football bets.

In addition to the betting markets, you will also have to look at the number of bet types available to you. Straight bets may be the most popular but it is also nice to be on a betting site that cover a wider range of bet types like multiple bets.

Excellent Betting Odds

When it comes to odds, not all online betting sites are created the same. Some have enhanced odds for their Irish customers.

Look for Irish betting sites that offer competitive odds. Shop around and look at other Irish betting sites to make sure that you are going with the best. Also, remember that when it comes to odds, t & cs apply.

We also have some tips to have the best odds guaranteed.

Place your bets as close to the event or the game as possible. This way you can get a better idea of what you will actually win.

Avoid disappointment by looking a the minimum odds predictions. Don’t get a premature high by celebrating and calculating your possible winnings based on the higher end of the odds prediction. Consider the min odds odds predicted and base your expectations off that.

Consider fixed odds. Fixed odds may not be as profitable as regular odds but they are more stable. You may also check out if your Irish betting site of choice offers free fixed odds bets.


Live Betting and In-Play Betting

Another feature you should be looking out for when you looking for betting sites is the availability of live betting and in-play betting. These are important if you are going to be betting on races and games.

About Free Bets

A free bet or free bets are conditional bonuses that are usually given out by online betting sites to their customers. For example, some sites offer their clients a certain amount of free bets when they sign up. Some online betting sites also offer refunds if your first bet ends in a loss. Free bets can also come in the form of bet credits.

How to Get a Free Bet

This varies from betting site to betting site. Some Irish betting sites will have free bets credited to customers for simply signing up. Free bets paid to customers can also be given if they reach a min deposit.

T and Cs Apply to Free Bets

Free bets are not really 100% free, terms and conditions do apply. For many betting sites, bet credits can only be used at certain times. They may also set withdrawal bonuses for free bets. Free bet stakes may also differ from regular bet stakes. Min odds may also be applied to free bets and their winnings.

Online bookmakers may also impose certain restrictions on how you can use the winnings from your free bets. You also have to consider that free bets expire. Only free bets valid during the time period can be used.

Free Bet Wagering

Free bet wagering requirements vary between sports betting websites. This depends on the individual rules of the sport betting sites. There are no set rules for free bet wagering in the online gambling industry or even with the UK Gambling Commission. Note that there currently isn’t any Irish Gambling Commission, gambling permits are instead handled by the police.

Sports betting sites usually make their own rules when it comes to free bet wagering. It can take a number of things into consideration, including system bets.

Basically, all that wagering really means is that you have to wager your winnings or qualifying bet settlement a few more times before you can withdraw your money.

Are Free Bets the Same as Sign Up Bonus?

For many of the best Irish betting sites, these are different. An online bookmaker can offer free bets and signup bonus separately. Most online betting sites give out sign up bonuses when you create an online betting account.

For example, you can get 50 in free bets and an additional welcome bonus or you can also get a bonus when you make your first qualifying bet.

What About the Deposit Bonus?

In addition to free bets, online bookmakers may also offer customers deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses often require customers to meet a minimum deposit and qualifying deposit requirement. The minimum deposit can be as little as 10 Euros.

In addition to the above, a sports betting site may also give their customers a casino bonus. T and Cs apply to these bonuses as well.

Betting FAQ

  • What to look for if you are mostly interested in sports betting?

    If you are interested in sports betting, be it football, rugby, MMA, etc., you need to look for betting sites that offer live streaming. This not necessarily a requirement, you can still get in touch with an online sportsbook or online bookies who do not offer live streaming. But it is always better to have the option handy. In addition to live streaming, you should also consider going for an online betting site with competitive betting odds. And also one with in-play betting.

  • What online betting payment methods are used?

    These days, a wide range of payment methods are available to customers. Many will also have payment partners like PayPal. Payment method restrictions and payment method exclusions apply, like for customers coming from certain countries but other than that, most online betting sites cater to a wide range of payment methods from credit cards to direct deposits.

  • Do betting sites offer responsible gaming support?

    Many local gambling commissions require betting sites to offer their clients a responsible gaming option. Customers who need to gamble responsibly can sign up for the onsite monitoring so that their hours on the site and their spending can be tracked. This applies to all the betting options on the sports betting, football betting, or horse racing site.

  • How to safely use betting sites in Ireland?

    Betting in Ireland is regulated by the local gambling commissions. CS apply to everything offered by Irish betting sites from sports betting to horse race betting. Even free bets and bet credits stake are also regulated. To keep betting sites legal, they are regularly checked and reviewed. To make sure that you are betting safely, go for accredited sites. A betting sites' accreditation is usually prominently displayed on the websites. A good practice when choosing online betting sites is to go for those listed as best online betting sites. Look for the best-reviewed sites when you bet online. Read up on customer reviews too.

  • How do I withdraw my winnings?

    If your winnings come from bets you made using your own deposits, most sites allow you to withdraw this at any time. Winnings that come from free bets may be subject to wagering. Every online betting site in Ireland will have different rules when it comes to withdrawing free bet winnings. Free bet wagering requirements will apply for most sites.

  • How to start betting online?

    It's not that hard. Head over to your chosen online betting sign, sign up, deposit some money, and start betting. Some betting sites will give you bonus credits for signing up. Betting sites are usually very easy to follow. If you have trouble, you can always get in touch with the betting sites' customer service.