When Will Betting Shops Reopen?

Betting FAQ

  • Will Betting Shops be Open in Tier 3?

    Yes. Betting shops are open in Tier 3 but measures aimed at keeping COVID at bay need to be implemented. This includes implementing measures to avoid cash handling when possible.

  • Is Live Betting Allowed in Sports Betting Shops in Tier 3?

    No. Live betting in sports betting shops is not allowed in areas that are under tier 3. Other non-essential shops are closed under this tier as well.

  • Are Spectators Allowed to Watch Sports Live in Tier 3?

    No. Limited numbers of spectators are only allowed to watch sports in areas that are under Tier 1 and Tier 2 restrictions.

  • Are Casinos Opened in Tier 3?

    No. Casinos remain closed in areas that are under Tier 3 restrictions.

  • When Will Betting Shops Reopen?

    Betting shops that were closed during the lockdown and under Tier 4 restrictions will re-open as soon as their area is placed under Tiers 1, 2, and 3. No matter the Tier classification, customers are still expected to gamble safely. This means the implementation of the necessary safety measures for onsite gaming.