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Clean Hit is a technical term in Baseball to describe how the baseball lands to a seemingly fair territory without being touched by any fielder. This only happens when the ball travels through the infield or the ball should go over the outfielder’s head. Clean Hit is executed by the cleanup hitter, who is the fourth hitter. These types of hitters are usually the most powerful because they can bring run-ins and they can clear up the bases. To maximize their roles and responsibilities for the team, they should be consistent with their speed and plate discipline.

The Characteristics of a Cleanup Hitter

As mentioned above, the cleanup hitters are the most powerful in the lineup. At the same time, they should possess the highest percentage for on-base. They should coordinate well with the contact hitter, whose main responsibility is to make contact with the ball and put the ball into action. At the same time, either of the first or second batters should speed to the bases, since either of them possesses great speed to successfully run to the base. Eventually, the third batter should be an all-around batter and should hold the highest record for the batting average and scoring runs. His ultimate goal is also to become a cleanup hitter, so he could turn the bat in the same inning.

The difference between the American League and the National League

In the USA, there are two different major leagues played by elite baseball teams, which are the American League and the National League. If there’s a major difference between them, it’s because of the designated or assigned clean hitter, which goes for an offense, yet never a defensive player. The American League demands this kind of setup because these hitters made fundamental roles in taking the offensive side. The trend of being a designated hitter is from the 3rd to the 5th spot.

Examples of Being a Clean Hitter

Only a few baseball players made it through the list to become successful clean hitters, because of the duality of the role. Some examples are Buster Posey and Evan Longoria, who can effortlessly make a strong offensive force for their respective team. Albert Pujols owned the tag name as “The Machine?” because of his massive contributions. He is known for his power, drive, and high runs batted in statistics and owned either the three or four spots in this entire career.

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